Saturday, December 20, 2008

Awesome Wreath

I want you to envision a little piece of heaven that I recently purchased. It was created by my dear friend Lisa Orme and I purchased it from her shop... Lola Rue. I hung it over my bathtub and my husband was shocked. Well my bathtub is also a little piece of heaven. I go there to soak and to rest my weary body. I re-group there and it is only fitting that I hang a gorgeous wreath to make my space just that more special. It is loaded with some of my very favorite things, and I venture to believe that while Lisa was creating this special piece....maybe....maybe....just maybe she might have been thinking of me. I hope that is true, because this wreath spoke to me with the Charlotte head, vintage ruler, pearls, silk ribbons, old lace and wooden spools. In my humble opinion it is a masterpiece and something I will treasure for years to come. Thanks for making my life on earth a little more like Heaven Lisa. I love you!

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