Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Gaga's Sweet Pickles.....

These are my grandmother's unique pickles. I did a quick google
search & couldn't find this recipe. She was the love of my life & I
called her Gaga until she took her last breath. I miss her everyday.
I made these pickles because my father loves them & he was her
youngest son....yesterday he had hip replacement surgery & he can
enjoy these delicious pickles while he recovers.

Here they are all canned up & ready to go into the refrigerator.
That is where they are stored. I think it is because you don't cook
them & there are cloves of fresh garlic in them. They will keep indefinitely
in the refrigerator though.

These pickles are sweet.....& the funny thing is.....they are made from
whole dill pickles.....that is why I call them unique. Gaga was always very
particular that each jar got garlic cloves & cinnamon sticks. She said it
made for a pretty presentation & I couldn't agree more. I hope you try
making these easy & fun pickles. People get such a kick out of them
because they are made from dill pickles. Here's the recipe......

Crisp Sweet Pickles

1 Gallon Kosher dill pickles, drained
1 box (or jar in our world today) cinnamon sticks
2 buds garlic
5 pounds of sugar
1 Cup Cider Vinegar (used on the last day)

Slice the whole dills into 1/4 inch slices, thinner if you are using them
for sandwiches. Break the cinnamon sticks into 1 inch long pieces. Break
open and peel the garlic into cloves. Place the sliced pickles, garlic, &
cinnamon sticks into large crock. Gaga specifies it must not be metal. Pour
in the 5 gallon bag of sugar. When it has dissolved give it a good stir. You will
want to stir your pickles each day for 5 days....using a wooden spoon. Gaga was
very explicit about this because the pickles will be very crisp & a metal spoon
might break them. On the fifth day add 1 Cup of cider vinegar. Stir & allow
to stand for 1 hour. When the hour is up fill your jars....and don't forget to add
those garlic cloves and cinnamon sticks to each jar.

My grandmother....Gaga... was the love of my life. She departed this earth
in May of 2000 at the age of 88. I miss her every day.....& I make these
pickles as a tribute to her. I hope that you enjoy them as much as
my family enjoys them.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Bridal Jewelry.......

A little snippet here.....a little snippet there. I know these cuffs
have been such the rage. Now I know why. They are so fun
to make. Little, sweet bits of vintage goodness. I was thrilled when
my friends daughter wanted me to create her bridal jewelry. A true
compliment is given when the younger generation likes what you do.
I was really nervous too. I am finishing up so that I can present them
next weekend over the holiday.

Here is a close-up of the headpiece for the maid of honor. I really
don't understand these new head garters as I like to call them....but
apparently the younger girls like them. I am not sold quite yet.....but
I love the vintage yumminess that I have added & hope the bride does
too. It is a destination wedding....I won't be attending....so I guess if the
bride really doesn't like these pieces she won't have to use them.....that
takes a lot of pressure off me.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dorm Life...........

This is what I have been doing this week. We moved Lindsey into
her first college dorm on Sunday. It is so exciting & unbelievable
at the same time. She is going to IU & living in the Kelley Living
Learning Center in McNutt. She is in the IU Kelley School of Business
and wants to major in finance......Oh my goodness....let's just say she fell
far from her momma's apple cart....which is a really good thing!!!!

Here is a picture of the room mates. This is Nisha and
she is from Chattanooga TN. I think they are going to get
along beautifully. Nisha got a little homesick & we dealt with
a few tears. We have been adopted as her parents away from
home. I guess that is part of the beauty of going to college in your
home town. That has been a true blessing....but I still feel this huge
empty nest. It is much more lonely having her gone. Lincoln & I seem
to just rattle around the house together.

Lindsey's bed isn't AS GOOD as her home bed.....but we got a mattress
topper & she is thrilled with it. So....that is great. It is very cozy and
cute & helps makes her space her own.

Nisha's big sister graduated in the spring from Georgia Tech....so she knew
exactly how to create a beautiful desk space. I didn't jump in and help
create or anything....but let me tell you when glue & scissors come out....
it is really hard for me not to dive in. She made Lindsey & Nisha matching
desk bulletin boards. I was very impressed and Lindsey was thrilled.
I bought the desk organizers from Office Depot....Lindsey had seen them
on Facebook in another friends room.

ummmm......the closet is spacious.....NOT. I really don't know how Lindsey
is going to survive this one part of dorm living....but so far so good. I think she
will be just fine. We are so excited to see how she just blossoms at IU. I know
she will take the campus by storm. She is so excited to go through rush and
work on the big fundraiser for IU Dance Marathon. I know one thing for sure....
I miss her a bunch.....but know this is just the next chapter in raising a
beautiful daughter....I love how it is going.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Belgium Lace.....and some gorgeous buttons...

While out junking yesterday I came across these gorgeous linen towels. I love the look and adore displaying them in my powder room. I love the tag just as much as the towel as I am a huge lover of vintage labels. The navy & white is so crisp & clean and reminds me of the final days of summer.

Aren't these just the most YUMMY! These celluloid buttons about took my breath away. Truly, the photo doesn't do these justice because they are the most beautiful shade of amber with a cream colored 'dogwood' blossom. I fell in love with these the moment I saw them at the re-sale shop.

And once again....the photo doesn't do these justice either. The outside edge are pave set rhinestones. The center is a yummy mother of pearl. These buttons are convexed which gives them the most beautiful look. I ADORE these buttons & can't wait to make something so special from them. Maybe adorning a lovely sampler....or maybe added to a special Christmas stocking????

I would be remiss if I didn't add these adorable spools. They will add to my collection so nicely. None of them are too special.....but I like 'mass' in my collections....because you never know when you might need that special part of your collection for an art project. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my sweet vintage finds that I got while out junking the other day. Blessings for an artfully creative evening.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little Glimpses.....

I can't show you the finished projects yet....but
here are some of the supplies I have been using. I
can't wait to post to you the finished projects.

Maybe you can guess what these are??? I think they are fun.
Very holiday. I had to use up a bunch of glue.....so
I made these. Tint your glue with a little brown paint
for a yummy vintage look. I think it really makes things
look special..... & very vintage.

What's not to like about felted balls of pink.....vintage
mercury glass balls & hannah silk ribbon.
What a yummy combination....sure to make your heart swoon.

This will surely please....when you see where it is going.
I can't wait....but don't tell anyone....it is such a fun
surprise. Remember....Santa is checking his list.

......and these little ditties are for a special friends wedding.
Not exactly sure how they will turn out....but I think she
will be thrilled.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Kind of Trail Mix.....

I have known that I loved these dark chocolate almonds
from the moment I tried them. It is like having a dessert....
but in a healthy kind of way. I buy mine in the huge 38 ounce
container at Sam's Club. They are my go to snack. But I came up with this
delicious new taste sensation that I know you are going
to love. You simply must try this concoction.

Raisins have always been a personal favorite
of mine. So sweet & delicious. But added together
with cheerios & cocoa almonds......YUMMY!

Literally.....I just dumped into a ziploc baggie. Shook
it up really well & put it in my purse. Now I have a healthy
choice that I really like. So portable & simple easy to make.
I know you will adore this little snack. Do you have any super
easy....super healthy things that you like to eat? I would
love to hear from you....and I know others would too. Have a
wonderfully healthy evening.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Room Re-Do....

Yesterday I sat down to complete some special orders. I
couldn't concentrate and I didn't feel inspired. Sure....those
projects around the home that were screaming at me had
needed tending to for a long time....in some instances for years.
In some instances.....since we moved in18 years ago. But yesterday....
they screamed louder. I couldn't take it anymore....so I called my
mom. "Please...come over...let's play". So...I took down a large mirror
that was so ugly...years ago....I thought mantles needed mirrors above
them....NOT. I added this adorable vintage game table.....my
vintage collection of tops....some old stools & some old boxes. I love
the look...it is playful & this is a nice space to recreate in now
which is where we play video games & watch movies as a family.

I love this hand-lettered vintage sign. I bought it for Jeff
for his birthday. (I love presents that are for him & me!!!)
I had been dying to hang it. All though my room is red & green...
this touch of blue works for me. I have some accent pieces
that are in the grey tones that have original paint & I don't want
to change them....I am working with what I have. That is one of my
motto's. I really don't ever get rid of too much & rarely feel that
I make furniture 'mistakes'. Buy what you love....if you like it....
it will work.

Okay....I know this looks sparse....but I love the grouping
on the wall. The large circle thing is something from
a working farm. I don't know what it is....but I
bought it originally to use at a picnic to keep flies off
foods & desserts. That never happened....so onto the wall
it went. My mom thought I was crazy but I like how it
picks up the brown colors from the woods. My mom loved
it after I did it. I made the little rabbit framed picture. I love
stitching. I felt flattered when my mom asked where I
got it & was able to say I created it. That little red hinged
box is my saving grace. I am putting cuddly blankets in there.
Part of the reason for the re-do was the atrociousness & chaotic
feel to the room. The family wanted a cozy room & had ugly
gross blankets & pillows every where. Today...I will buy some soft....
fuzzy blankets that will be housed....out of the way for our comfort.

I always love the fabrics I pick out for furniture. This
is my favorite chair. It is big enough for 2....but isn't
a love seat. I think it is cozy. I loved picking up the reds &
greens in the room. I didn't buy one thing except a couple
of lampshades. I shopped my house for the things I have
collected over the years. Really....that is the way I decorate.
Kind of a hodge-podge kind of way...but it works for me. I really
hesitated posting these photos.....I guess because they don't look
like magazine photos. I'm trying to keep this blog real....I want it
to reflect me....so these are my 'normal' photos of my home.

This is a close-up of something I have always loved. I bought
it for an Easter decoration.....but somehow.....can't ever seem
to put it away. Once again...the red & green circulates around the
room. I hope you have enjoyed my little room re-do. Now I
feel inspired & accomplished. Ready to tackle more of my to-do
list to make the ever daunting task of home keeping fresh
& updated. Are you tackling any projects around your home...if so...
please share your photos so we can be inspired by you. Also...if you are interested
in my 200th post give away....scroll to the last post and sign up. Have an artfully
inspiring & creative day.