Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Kind of Trail Mix.....

I have known that I loved these dark chocolate almonds
from the moment I tried them. It is like having a dessert....
but in a healthy kind of way. I buy mine in the huge 38 ounce
container at Sam's Club. They are my go to snack. But I came up with this
delicious new taste sensation that I know you are going
to love. You simply must try this concoction.

Raisins have always been a personal favorite
of mine. So sweet & delicious. But added together
with cheerios & cocoa almonds......YUMMY!

Literally.....I just dumped into a ziploc baggie. Shook
it up really well & put it in my purse. Now I have a healthy
choice that I really like. So portable & simple easy to make.
I know you will adore this little snack. Do you have any super
easy....super healthy things that you like to eat? I would
love to hear from you....and I know others would too. Have a
wonderfully healthy evening.


Maija said...


Suz said...

Sounds great, Hope. I need a healthy choice these days.

Creative Wings said...

ok im on my way over for a bowl!!!!

Laurie said...

Yum! What I have been loving lately is the little tiny rounds of lowfat swiss, which I eat with sesame crackers. Yeah, you can't keep them in your purse, but it's such a delicious and healthy snack. In my purse I keep those little packages of nuts -- not as yummy as yours but great for the low sugar dips when you need fast protein. And the other day I had a half Wendy's Berry Chicken Salad -- so cool that they sell them in the half size and OMG, it was so delicious and healthy!!!!! I could live on those. It would probably do me good to live on them, too!