Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Room Re-Do....

Yesterday I sat down to complete some special orders. I
couldn't concentrate and I didn't feel inspired. Sure....those
projects around the home that were screaming at me had
needed tending to for a long time....in some instances for years.
In some instances.....since we moved in18 years ago. But yesterday....
they screamed louder. I couldn't take it anymore....so I called my
mom. "Please...come over...let's play". So...I took down a large mirror
that was so ugly...years ago....I thought mantles needed mirrors above
them....NOT. I added this adorable vintage game table.....my
vintage collection of tops....some old stools & some old boxes. I love
the look...it is playful & this is a nice space to recreate in now
which is where we play video games & watch movies as a family.

I love this hand-lettered vintage sign. I bought it for Jeff
for his birthday. (I love presents that are for him & me!!!)
I had been dying to hang it. All though my room is red & green...
this touch of blue works for me. I have some accent pieces
that are in the grey tones that have original paint & I don't want
to change them....I am working with what I have. That is one of my
motto's. I really don't ever get rid of too much & rarely feel that
I make furniture 'mistakes'. Buy what you love....if you like it....
it will work.

Okay....I know this looks sparse....but I love the grouping
on the wall. The large circle thing is something from
a working farm. I don't know what it is....but I
bought it originally to use at a picnic to keep flies off
foods & desserts. That never happened....so onto the wall
it went. My mom thought I was crazy but I like how it
picks up the brown colors from the woods. My mom loved
it after I did it. I made the little rabbit framed picture. I love
stitching. I felt flattered when my mom asked where I
got it & was able to say I created it. That little red hinged
box is my saving grace. I am putting cuddly blankets in there.
Part of the reason for the re-do was the atrociousness & chaotic
feel to the room. The family wanted a cozy room & had ugly
gross blankets & pillows every where. Today...I will buy some soft....
fuzzy blankets that will be housed....out of the way for our comfort.

I always love the fabrics I pick out for furniture. This
is my favorite chair. It is big enough for 2....but isn't
a love seat. I think it is cozy. I loved picking up the reds &
greens in the room. I didn't buy one thing except a couple
of lampshades. I shopped my house for the things I have
collected over the years. Really....that is the way I decorate.
Kind of a hodge-podge kind of way...but it works for me. I really
hesitated posting these photos.....I guess because they don't look
like magazine photos. I'm trying to keep this blog real....I want it
to reflect me....so these are my 'normal' photos of my home.

This is a close-up of something I have always loved. I bought
it for an Easter decoration.....but somehow.....can't ever seem
to put it away. Once again...the red & green circulates around the
room. I hope you have enjoyed my little room re-do. Now I
feel inspired & accomplished. Ready to tackle more of my to-do
list to make the ever daunting task of home keeping fresh
& updated. Are you tackling any projects around your home...if so...
please share your photos so we can be inspired by you. Also...if you are interested
in my 200th post give away....scroll to the last post and sign up. Have an artfully
inspiring & creative day.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hello Hope.
Looks like you had a great time decorating your home yesterday.
Thaank you for sharing your photos with us.
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sharon

Erica said...

Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Have a wonderful week!

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Creative Wings said...

i luv the game table on the wall.

Laurie said...

Great redo, Hope! You are so creative! I think that wire and wood circle thing might be a thresher -- sort of like a sifter but for keeping the seeds and getting rid of the chaff. I love the reds and greens in your family room. Mine has similar colors! Great minds. (wink)

stephanie said...

Good for you for tackling lingering projects...If I could only clean up my craft room once and for all...oh well....

Lisa said...

Looks good Hope! Can't wait to see you at Handmade University. We are going to have so much fun!