Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dorm Life...........

This is what I have been doing this week. We moved Lindsey into
her first college dorm on Sunday. It is so exciting & unbelievable
at the same time. She is going to IU & living in the Kelley Living
Learning Center in McNutt. She is in the IU Kelley School of Business
and wants to major in finance......Oh my goodness....let's just say she fell
far from her momma's apple cart....which is a really good thing!!!!

Here is a picture of the room mates. This is Nisha and
she is from Chattanooga TN. I think they are going to get
along beautifully. Nisha got a little homesick & we dealt with
a few tears. We have been adopted as her parents away from
home. I guess that is part of the beauty of going to college in your
home town. That has been a true blessing....but I still feel this huge
empty nest. It is much more lonely having her gone. Lincoln & I seem
to just rattle around the house together.

Lindsey's bed isn't AS GOOD as her home bed.....but we got a mattress
topper & she is thrilled with it. So....that is great. It is very cozy and
cute & helps makes her space her own.

Nisha's big sister graduated in the spring from Georgia she knew
exactly how to create a beautiful desk space. I didn't jump in and help
create or anything....but let me tell you when glue & scissors come out....
it is really hard for me not to dive in. She made Lindsey & Nisha matching
desk bulletin boards. I was very impressed and Lindsey was thrilled.
I bought the desk organizers from Office Depot....Lindsey had seen them
on Facebook in another friends room.

ummmm......the closet is spacious.....NOT. I really don't know how Lindsey
is going to survive this one part of dorm living....but so far so good. I think she
will be just fine. We are so excited to see how she just blossoms at IU. I know
she will take the campus by storm. She is so excited to go through rush and
work on the big fundraiser for IU Dance Marathon. I know one thing for sure....
I miss her a bunch.....but know this is just the next chapter in raising a
beautiful daughter....I love how it is going.


Kim Hanauer said...

I know that empty feeling....It won`t last forever. It`s so hard to see your baby leave, but you know that`s part of them becoming adults.
I still can`t leave comments on alot of blogs, but I`m glad for the ones I can!
Have a Blessed day~

Creative Wings said...

she is still pretty close and i am sure she will be home often and misses you as much as you miss her

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Awww... she will have an amazing time! It is nice that you are so close!

Whosyergurl said...

Hang in there, Mom. I know you are so proud of her. She still need you, you know and now you have a "bonus" daughter!

xo, Cheryl

Laurie said...

Oh Hope, hugs to you. I know it is thrilling and sad at the same time -- but you are doing great. Her set up looks marvelous!

Suz said...

I am so glad she is in town. You will be wonderful substitute parents to Nisha. We have adopted many of Kat's friends and it has really enriched our lives. About six have lived with us for a period of time. I must she going through rush? She is an absolute doll and what a wonderful place to be living and learning!