Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Bridal Jewelry.......

A little snippet here.....a little snippet there. I know these cuffs
have been such the rage. Now I know why. They are so fun
to make. Little, sweet bits of vintage goodness. I was thrilled when
my friends daughter wanted me to create her bridal jewelry. A true
compliment is given when the younger generation likes what you do.
I was really nervous too. I am finishing up so that I can present them
next weekend over the holiday.

Here is a close-up of the headpiece for the maid of honor. I really
don't understand these new head garters as I like to call them....but
apparently the younger girls like them. I am not sold quite yet.....but
I love the vintage yumminess that I have added & hope the bride does
too. It is a destination wedding....I won't be I guess if the
bride really doesn't like these pieces she won't have to use them.....that
takes a lot of pressure off me.


The Junque Seeker said...

So pretty! She's going to love them.

Suz said...

Those are really beautiful. I imagine she will be just crazy about them. I have not seen anything like this at a wedding. I love the colors. That is the rosy pink I am looking for to paint my craft room.
Big hugs,

Creative Wings said...

just gorgeous hope

Laurie said...


Frankly My Dear... said...

I knew they would turn out great!

Whosyergurl said...

aw. how nice that she asked you to do this for her! You can do anything!
xo, Cheryl

miss lynn said...

i LOVE these
so incredibly
you are so

chantal johnson said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Cuffs are definitely addicting..I love all the possibilities. What a fantastic compliment for you to be asked to bridal jewelry. They are beautiful. Our hens have begun to lay ( 2 of the 7 started at 16 1/2 weeks..I was so surprised!) I think there is one more who is laying so that makes 3 - the rest will start laying as early as this week (20 weeks) They are soooo fun!! Hope you are doing well and that Lindsey is off to a great start. XOXO chantal

stephanie said...

These need to be featured in Somerset....

Tami Hacker said...

So lovely... her wardrobe icing for her wedding... can't imagine her not loving them!

Please post a wedding photo with them if you receive one.

Maija said...

I think they are freaking gorgeous, and I would wear one in a minute!! Please show us photos when you get them!!!

Kim Hanauer said...

I don`t think there`s anything you can`t do or make! How gorgeous are they?? Love them!
You are truly one talented girl!
Have a Blessed day~

Cherie Wilson said...

They are beautiful Hope!! Thank you for sharing.

Sharon Morrison said...

Hope, your wedding jewelry is off the charts! Beautiful and so romantic. I know the bride loved them.

Suz said...

I see you are off galavanting at the art festivals again! You lucky lady!! Our God daughter got married in Wisconsin that weekend that weekend. I didn't even get to go to the local one!
Hope you will show pictures!!!