Saturday, September 19, 2009


Need I say more.... I just love this image of my niece & all her girlfriends. Arm their PJ's...not a care in the world. That is how I feel when I am with my girlfriends...regardless of the outfit I am wearing. Comfy & not a care in the world. I am so blessed to have new & old girlfriends. It seems like with the things I like to do....craft....flea market shop....antique studies...I am around so many wonderful girlfriends. Is your life surrounded by the beauty of friendship...if not...I hope you feel that you have found it here with me today? I hope you have the kind of weekend that surrounds you with beauty...peace...creativity & a love affair with friendship. Blessings to all my dear girlfriends.


Jen Kershner said...

I love that picture, Hope! I'm so glad to be one of your girlfriends.

Cherie Wilson said...

Hey there! Yes, sweet friend I am blessed by YOU:) Enjoying your blog too. Love ya!

cammy said...

Such a sweet post, Hope and I love the photo! I look forward to seeing you next month at SB!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! I had misplaced my book from the country living fair that had your blog name on it and just now found it..... organized, I am NOT!

Great picture of your neice and her friends. Girlfriends are the BEST!

I hope you had as much fun as we did at the fair - we bought lots of stuff but I intend to go back in a year or so and come home with one of the Noah's Arks from Mo Dallas.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cutie,
are you coming in on wed or thursday for silver bella??? and what about the rest of your gang.
can you email me and let me know which day.
im workin on a little somethin somethin.

Anonymous said...

Hi darling! Can't wait to see you this week!
(don't know why those weird numbers show up instead of my blog name?)