Friday, September 11, 2009

I Am a Hockey Mom!

Okay...I know it sounds like I just did the first step of a twelve step program...but cut me some slack. Most of you know me as a creator of whimsy...or maybe even a collector...but in my off time 'I am a hockey mom'. We travel most weekends and it starts tomorrow! Most people don't understand my love of hockey....but these moms & sisters sure get it. Tomorrow my son Lincoln starts his hockey season. He will play 4 games to seat us for the season. This year...he is a first year Bantam & we are really excited. That's me in the upper left corner holding the plaid's is cold. My daughter Lindsey is in front & center in the plaid could call us the plaid sisters because we love PLAID! Is there a secret love affair that you have...that we don't know about?


Jodie LeJeune said...

Good Morning Hope!
Well I must start off by saying you must really be excited about being a hockey mom to post at 3:21 in the morning!!! haha
That is so cool. Lincoln is so lucky to have you as his number one fan and have your daughter too as his support PLAID team!!!! ;)
Have fun at all the games and I'll be praying that Lincoln stays safe and NO hospital visits come your way! :)
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Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie, you've been busy! It's fun reading about all you've been up to. We are right in the thick of volleyball season and we are crazy about it so I know where you're coming from! Can't wait to see you at Silver Bella!

Cherie Wilson said...

Hey girl, i just saw this picture again and thought ~That Hope sure looks pretty! Just thought you should know that:) XO to you!

Natalie said...

I'm glad you're a part of our hockey family, wouldn't be the same without you!