Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paris Inspiration Box

I just love participating in Heather.....from Speckled Egg's matchbox swaps. The themes that she chooses make it even more fun. I LOVED doing the Paris Inspiration Box. This is the one that I sent to my partners. I love the glitter Eiffel Tower....I got it from Speckled Egg and glittered it up with some German Glass Glitter.

Here is the loot that I sent. I LOVE filling up the little boxes with inspiration items for my swap partners. I kind of went with a cream theme with a few splashes of color. My favorite thing that I added to the box were my hand dyed tags....I have always wanted to coffee dye tags and this was just the push I needed....plus I wanted to use some of the infinite number of rubber stamps that I have purchased over the years. God love my husband....he never complains about all my crafting supplies....but you can know that when I actually use the stuff he gives a sigh of relief.

Here is just some of the wonderful loot that Karen sent from Recycledrita. The French flash cards were the bomb. And the beautiful laces she sent were wonderful.

Here is Karen's pretty box. I just loved how she adhered the French paper onto the box. It was so simple....yet sophisticated. I adored it.

And this was Natalea's from Kandeland beautiful box. Her attention to detail was breath taking. And the little Eiffel tower charm she added was the perfect addition. My favorite part of the box was the wonderfully handcrafted fabric flower. It just added the most perfect touch. If you haven't been involved in a swap.....these match box swaps from Speckled Egg are just too fun. I highly recommend signing up for her next one.


Sue said...

As usual, you totally spoiled your swap partners! Lucky gals!! The boxes you sent are lovely (as are the ones you received!



stephanie said...

I love to see how everyone interprets the different matchbox themes, don't you? Everyone just has a little different take on it or adds little details that I would never thought of doing....Thanks for sharing your boxes!! Love all 3 of them!!

Maybe we'll both end up @ the pool @ the same time in the near future...I miss ya and would love to catch up...

Jeanne said...

Your inspiration swap boxes are so pretty. I think Heather's swaps are my all-time favorite! Looks like you got some nice boxes in return from Natalea and Karen too!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Gosh, your blog is fun! So glad I found you! Have a nice day! Twyla

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Oh my! I sure wish I was your swap partner for that one! WOW!

Thanks for stopping by! And yes, you should come visit sometime! Though I think you have some cool things in Bloomington too, so I've heard!


Katsui Jewelry said...

I just admired your box on Natalea's site. It is just dynamite!