Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silver Bella 2010....awesome!

I know....I know....most girls rush home and post to their blogs about all the fun the had at Silver Bella. I just am the kind of girl who has to tediously unpack....savor all the goodies....and then start creating. Which is what I did! Needless to say....I did in fact have a blast! I met wonderful new friends and rekindled all the fabulous friendships I have made over the last several years. I can't believe it was my third trip and it just keeps on getting better. I met these two sisters on the very first night. Roxie & Robin. No, they don't need last names.....they have tattoo's! Yes, you are seeing the picture correctly....they got Silver Bella tatts....and it was their very first year. I know they loved it. I love you girls!

Look at this awesome bracelet I received!!! Isn't it just gorgeous. I participated in Cheryl Stoneham's vintage bling swap. We each created 17 charms out of vintage rhinestones. Then we mailed a charm bracelet of our choosing to Cheryl and she put together the fabulous bracelets. We were the envy of Silver Bella! I will cherish mine for the rest of my life.

This was such a fun little party. I was fortunate enough to REMEMBER to go to Sue Elseth's wonderful Caketini party. Caketini you ask? Well she put cake balls, these delicious concoctions made with frosting and dipped in chocolate in martini glasses and we dined with wonderful friends and indulged in just a few too many!!!!! I WALKED away happy and over joyed to be with so many wonderful ladies.

Oh my mercy! Can I just tell you I had goose bumps waiting in anticipation for my class with the fabulous Betz White. What a neat lady. Actually her class was life changing. There are so many possibilities to create with old sweaters. She really inspired me and the best part of it there were only about 6 ladies in our class so it was just so fun to really sit around and chat and create. I got to sit by the wonderful.....Karla Nathan and my best bud....Miss Stephanie Oyler!

....and I would be lying if I told you I didn't like my dark chocolate top hat over chocolate mousse. Not that this was my favorite part of Silver Bella....but it's the details that keep the Bella's coming back. I must confess....I really like my details in the form of chocolate. After all.....it was mentioned on our packing list by the fabulous Heather Ales at least a dozen or so times.....bring chocolate. I can't wait for Silver Bella 2011....I know I will be amongst the first to register.....I hope you come too!


Heather said...

I LOVED meeting you and appreciate all your help during our soldering class! I can't wait till we see each other again~! I loved Silver Bella...but I am not getting a tatoo to prove it, lol! Those girls are so much fun!

Laurie said...

Hope, it was so fun to meet you at Silver Bella! I would love to see what you created during these last couple of weeks! I've been on a roll, too -- but not as productive as just glassy eyed admiring all my STUFF!

The right way said...



Thespa said...

Oh, I loved seeing your pics from Silver Bella. I've wanted to go for a couple of years, hoping someday I actually get to attend. Your bracelet is FABULOUS! What a great swap!

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