Monday, December 13, 2010

Lulu's Gift

Do you ever just meet someone and mama just click with them. Not many words were spoken.....not very many conversations had.....but in the quiet of the togetherness enough was said and wow-ie kazow-ie instant friendship. That's how I can explain my friendship with Lulu. We met at Silver Bella in our first class of the weekend. Chatelaine Necklace taught by the wonderful Charlotte Lyons. We were table mates. It was just a wonderful time....tears were shed....laughter heard. Lulu was celebrating her 10th anniversary of remission from cancer.....and I can see why.....there's a lot of glorious life in this sweet woman.

While at Silver Bella, I took Betz White's rosette frame class. Well if you know me....I can't do anything the 'taught' way. I had in my stash some bits of hand dyed velvet and we 'rosetted' it. On our way home I found this awesome piece of thick.... scrumptious..... luscious....are you getting the picture.....divine...glorious.....PINK.....velvet. Came home.....and viola'....a gorgeous velvet rosette covered in spectacular mica flakes. I made it into a pin and mailed it off to sweet Lulu in her gift box!

Now....if anyone knows me ummmmm.....just a little.....ummmm....I like to go over the top. I achieved it with this little ditty. Can you just say.....this might be the most beautiful thing I have ever created. It was a framed and soldered wedding picture of Lulu and Rick.....adorned with creamy white velvet.....several shades of seam binding and a gorgeous glittered leaf wreath. Did you know Lulu bought every shade of hug-n-snug.....part of the reason I love her so much...she's over the top like me.

Here's another candid of the creation. Hanging from a gorgeous apothecary jar filled with more glittered wreaths. Doesn't it look fabulous on my marble counter tops. These color combinations are really out of this world.....the photos just don't do them justice.

Adorned at the top of the ornament was this little extra.....a scripture tag glittered and scrumptious. Lulu didn't really know that to me....she really is the salt of the earth. I am thrilled I met such a neat lady.


Whosyergurl said...

Hope, Beautiful. Just like you! You are so thoughtful and kind and caring and giving.
Lucky LuLu!
Hugs to you, (STAY WARM)

Kim Hanauer said...

I loved meeting you at Silver Bella. I love all the wonderful things I bought from you at Bella Market! You are so sweet to make such a special gift for LuLu.
I agree with you, she is certainly the salt of the earth!
Have a Blessed Christmas. I hope we meet again in the near future!
Kim :0)

abch said...

Wow what a precious creation! And what a treat to share with us. i am always so blessed when i happen a new blog "note" from you!
Have a Blessed Christmas,
Suzi E

Nancy Wethington said...

Hope, this is gorgeous! What a fabulous gift.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Ohhhhhh Hope! I pink puffy heart you big time. You are so right...we were just instant friends, birdies of a feather, simpatico :) Over the top is where it's at! My gifts will be treasured for many years to come. I can't wait to see you again!


Back At Ya Babe said...

GORgeoUS! Over the top and loving it. Miss you Indiana girls!

Heather said...

ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!!! So lovely!!