Monday, December 27, 2010

Go Hoosiers!!

It's official!
I am a licensed Indiana University Artist!
Paper work really isn't my thing
but I did it.

Go Hoosiers!

Getting the pendants ready to
go to Lola Rue!
They have been a huge
success & people really have
team spirit around here.

Lindsey is even very
excited.....she plans to attend
The IU Kelley School of
Business next year.

.....and the very best part???
The royalties I pay to IU will support
scholarships. Last year alone....
the IU licensed crafters
generated more than 1 million dollars
in scholarship money. That's something
I want to be a part of!!!!
Blessings for an artfully creative day!!!


miss lynn said...

yaaaayyyyy, hope!
go hoosiers -
go hoosiers -
go huskers -
i mean
miss lynn

Dear Lillie said...


Wanda said...

Hope, that is awesome. I'm more of a Pitt girl, but there is no accounting for taste. :) I love that the royalities go to scholarships.

Cherie Wilson said...

achem....Miss Lynn....GO HOOSIERS!! Really though, GO HOPE!! I am sooooo very proud of you. You have stayed with your craft and not given up and used it for good over and over. I am privledged to have seem so much of this close up. You is such cool inspiration for us all. Love you! (Miss Husker Lynn too:)

Cherie Wilson said...

ok........quite a few misspelled words in that last message....makes me belly laugh....too much coffee! You "is" the best though, really:)

Maija said...

What a wonderful way to participate!! I hope you have great success!!!

Whosyergurl said...

Hope! I'm so excited for you and PROUD of you and wow! You always blow me away with your talent and tenacity!
XO, Cheryl

Laurie said...

very cute!

Shareen said...

First, let me say I LOVE your blog. You have a very easy way of writing and I enjoy it.
Secondly, I saw this post when it was first published, tried to comment then, but wasn't successful. I figured out my problem and here I am. I love these IU charms/pendants and really really want to get several.
I live in the Chicago area. How can I do this? Thanks so much.

Shareen said...

I did not check the box to follow up with an email, so I am doing that now. Shareen