Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Knew I Loved Wreaths......

I always knew that I loved
Boxwood wreaths.
Simplistic & beautiful. Adding
serenity to the splendor
of the season. But do you know the
true origin of the holiday wreath?

Wreaths originated as folk traditions
of the people of northern Europe.
In the deep winter, candles were lit on circular
shaped bundles of evergreen.
Both the evergreen and the circular
shape symbolize everlasting life.
The candles light gave
people comfort at the darkest time of the
year, as they looked forward to the warm days
of spring.

Traditional Christmas wreaths are a symbol
of faith. Since wreaths are
continuous in shape, with no beginning or
end, they symbolize God's eternity
and mercy during the Christmas Season.

Wreaths are decorated with evergreen leaves and
branches because they symbolize everlasting
life and God's everlasting love.
Their green color is a representation
of hope and new life.

I always new that I loved boxwood
wreaths. Now, I know the tradition behind
them. I take great comfort in this
seasonal tradition. Now, when I look at a wreath,
I will know that God's everlasting love
is ever present. Blessings for an artfully
creative day.


Marlene said...

Love these boxwood wreaths, but I love your explanation of it more.
Happy new year.

bunny said...

Loving the little wreath behind the chair...very sweet. Wreaths are very refreshing and welcoming.

Wishing you and yours a great New Year.