Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas Party

At the beginning of December I like to host a day and invite the nieces and their moms over for a getting ready for Christmas Party. I set out different stations (can't quite get a way from the pre-school days....but works) with different crafting supplies. I had one table set up for beading and pipe cleaner assembly (to make glittery garlands), one table set up with paper crafts, and this table.....that everyone gravitated too.

The felting station was the big 2010 rage. We made flowers out of old sweaters.....they really are life changing. And then we tried our hand at needle felting. I have been scared to try this....but have wanted to for years.

Leave it to my adorable niece Lillian to just jump right in and start making this adorable Pixie. Ummmm.....I made one along side her.....but it's not going on the blog.

We bought wool roving, a needle felting tool.....which you really don't need....just a needle felting needle will do. They come in all different coarseness levels. You also need some pillow cushion foam or a needle felting brush. I found that I liked the cushion better.....and it was a lot more reasonably priced. Then just start poking your roving and attaching the pieces together.

Here's Lillian's finished Pixie perched a top my mantle. Isn't she.....or is it a he cute? Now.....I just hope that I am the lucky gift recipient of this special creation.....but I think her daddy might get this one. Needle felting was a huge hit. It was very easy and any age could do this if they are careful to avoid needle felting their fingers!! I am sure this will be a craft that we will be doing a lot more of!!! Blessings for an artfully creative day.


stephanie said...

Lily did a great job on that sweet little elf!

Lillie Bowen aka Margot Diersen said...

Girl ~ you never, never, never cease to amaze me!!! You are so very generous with your talents and skills! Your nieces are soooooo blessed to have such a wonderful auntie! xo

Alicia said...

these are so cute! love this idea.

Laurie said...

How wonderful!