Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amy Barickman's New Book......Vintage Notions

Imagine my surprise when I received an email last week from Amy Barickman wanting me to review her new book Vintage Notions. Does feeling honored come to mind?? This book is all about me.....everything I love. Actually.....Amy doesn't know me at all. She found me through my blog which never ceases to amaze me. But what Amy doesn't know is that her new book...really is all about me. It is very fitting for me to review this book as I was a Fashion Merchandising major in the 1980's at Indiana University. Never actually had a real paying job....but the tools I learned there.....sewing and a love so immense for textiles that it has really taken me on a whirlwind of creating that is my passion in life.

Here she is....the beautiful Amy Barickman. Look at all the scrumptious fabric and old textiles in the background. I feel like we are kindred sisters....but after all that is what blogland does for your soul. It really does make you reach into your very core and let's you exude you. People get you out in blogland. Her new book.... Vintage Notions gives a huge history lesson in the way of life that paved the way for the creators of today. How we got to where we are was driven by a lady that inspired Amy and when you read this book....will inspire you too. Meet the inspiring lady....Mary Brooks Picken.

Mary Brooks Picken was born in 1886 and from an early age was taught by her grandmother to sew. She paved the way for women to enter college and learn. She inspired women to be the best that they could be and gave them inspiration to run their households with the up most care. Making your bed daily....something that has was taught to me by my grandmother....who probably read or was taught by her mother.....who did read Mary's book!!! I am just sure of it.

Here is the inspirational book that changed Amy Barickman's life. Thimblefuls of Friendliness....written by Mary Brooks Picken in the 1920's. One woman's everyday philosophy....that is still true today.....some 90 years later. So I hope that you are inspired to read Vintage Notions....and have enjoyed my little book review. I hope that you have an artfully, creative & inspiring day.....and don't forget to make your bed!!!!


Beth Leintz said...

Amy gave me a copy of her book, too- and I loved it. First I just flipped through the pages enjoying all the images- then I went back and read it. What I really liked about the book was telling how Mary Boone Pickens helped make woman's lives better with her tips and encouragement.

Whosyergurl said...

Wow! I'm impressed, Hope. What an honor!
very nice post.
XO, Cheryl

Laurie said...

Oh -- that is a must-have book! Thank you for reviewing it!

Cherie Wilson said...

So very you, Hope!! You are without a doubt, a good candidate for this book review. So very, very fun. Also....LOVED your ARt and Soul goodies. Missed being a part of, and seeing all your precious handmade offerings. Have the Merriest Christmas ever dear friend! XOXO