Thursday, February 3, 2011

Craft Room Inspiration Snippettes

I know that I never tire of looking at
craft room inspiration. So
I thought I would give you another
peek into my craft room. It is chock full
of snippets of lace....bits-n-bobs.....
and general loveliness.

Don't tell anyone in my family.....
but it's my favorite room
in the entire house. I corral my vintage bling
in these old printers trays. I
love looking at them this way.
I don't know if being this organized
helps or hinders me in creating.
Sometimes I just can't seem to quit looking.

I always want to use these blocks.
I never get around to it though.
I love how they just seem to
have a place here with me. And that
velvet ribbon. YUMMY. I got that
at Anthopologie. I love to shop stores
that sell creative things.....other
than just clothes and accessories.

I love my giant spool of cotton string.
I use it mostly to hold my
favorite paintbrushes. But it is
always at the ready to tie up
some brown paper packages.

And I have often said how special
my little bundles of tags & journals
are to me. They would probably
be some of the first things I were to
gather if devastation struck. Signed little
pieces of artwork that inspire me.
I hope that you have enjoyed a little
peek into my favorite room in
the house. I hope it inspires you to
have an artfully creative day.


Anonymous said...

Shhhhh, my lips are sealed! I wouldn't tell anyone either!

LOVE your vintage 'bling' and the bits of laces and string and brushes. Your room is serene and sweet! I am amazed you aren't in there all day!

Thanks for the sneak's wonderfully you!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh my i luv the bling n that velvet. off to the plaza tom to see if my store has it also. i am a sucker for velvet.

Sassy Marsha said...

Ohhhh, I'd love to come play with you in your creative space!! Mine is my favorite room in the house too! LOVE LOVE the bling!!!!

I'll be posting snippets of my creative space on Thursday!!


Outofmymind said...

Where do you find your bling? I keep looking high and low and struggle to find stuff. I LOVE all your stash. What a fun blog too. Thanx for sharing!!!