Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dance Marathon.....for Riley Children's Hospital

This Saturday Lindsey & her Dance Marathon Team
will host a benefit to help the children that are
patients at Riley Children's Hospital. I made these
pendants to raise money. All proceeds will
benefit the hospital 100%.....I am so proud of
these students who want to make a difference in the
lives of children. Blessings to you for a wonderfully
creative evening.


stephanie said...

These are so cute...What a great idea to raise money for Riley. I am constantly amazed at how these kids work week after week to raise funds for the children's hospital. If you ever would have told me that my Sam would have stood outside a Walmart in Bedford, Indiana in 25 degree weather and asked people entering and leaving the store if they would give money to Riley, I would NEVER have believed you...

Suz said...

Those are so cute. What a great idea! I am still getting together a little box of goodies for you. Hopefully by Easter! I am very slow!!!! I think of you a lot, though, very gratefully!
Big hugs,

Beth said...

Awesome Hope and for a GREAT cause! what a great way to support Lindsey too! Love you!

SherryRoseBella said...

Your daughter and her dance team have to be very special to hold a benefit like this. I am very impressed and wish them much success. It's kids like her that make a difference in the world.
Cant wait to see you at Birdsong.