Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dance Marathon.....for Riley Children's Hospital

Yesterday.....Lindsey danced for those that
couldn't. In an effort to raise necessary money
for Riley Children's Hospital.....Lindsey & a wonderful
team of high school students from Bloomington High School
South hosted the 6th Dance Marathon. They danced for those
that couldn't and raised $68,000 for the kids.....or
better known......FTK. She made these cakes for the
Care Fair to be used for the cake walk. I am really proud
of these dedicated students.....way to go!


Suz said...

That is a lot of money, Hope! I would be really proud of her, too. And she made cakes on top of dancing. What a nice daughter!

Kim Hanauer said...

It just proves even more how very special your daughter is! What a blessing to donate that much money for such a worthy cause.
Talk to you soon.