Monday, June 6, 2011

High School Graduation Gifts

I have always loved high school graduation
time.....but never as much as
this year......2011. This was the year of
Lindsey's graduation. It was so fun
to see where her friends were going to

In honor of that.....I decided to make the girls
pendants with their college of choice.
It was fun to find all the different college logos.
It was fun to find out where each of the
girls were going to school. It personalized
it for me....and gave me a chance to talk
to the girls one on one. I liked that. As a mom,
it made me feel connected.

I made bookmarks with their high school
graduation date. I put 'Love, The Ellington's'
on the back. I just love personalizing things. I think
it is special. Since I couldn't give the boys pendants
I just gave them money. I don't think they felt
slighted....I guess I could have made them college
key rings or something. It was fun going to all
the graduation parties this weekend. I loved passing
out the gifts.....and I think Lindsey did too.


miss lynn said...

oh hope.
that is
a great,
idea! what
a wonderful
way to send
dear people
into the

Natasha Burns said...

that's a wonderful idea Hope! Love the way it's tailored to each graduate :)

Oh wow you're coming down under? cool! you'll love Sydney! I'm not sure of the weather up there right now, but it's pretty chilly down here in Melbourne, so make sure you're prepared, it's not always sunny and warm here in oz! have a blast~!

Laurie said...

Oh Hope, you ARE the cool mom! Amazing gifts!

Suz said...

These are so cool! I think you should be Mother of the Year. I love the charms with each the college for each of Lindsey's friends. And I think the bookmarks are a great idea for guys or just friends in general. That's a lot of work but I know how many thousands of pieces you have soldered in your life!!!

Graduation is so bittersweet. I loved that time so much. I love going the weddings of Katie's friends now and the baby showers...those are very special, too...but there was some so unique about graduation. They were all ready to hit the world in their own special way and I really knew each of her friends well. Sigh!

Would you send me your address? I cannot find it! I have something that I am sending to you (finally!). Don't look on my blog until you get it!

Did I see you were going to Austrailia? That is probably the best trip the Reaney's ever took. It is like the US but it is also like another planet!!! We had a fabulous time. Katie was thirteen and brought her bestie along. We went in our it was cool there. I will never forget holding a panda bear or petting a kangaroo or seeing the Sydney Opera House or staying at a Sheep Ranch. It was all incredible. I know you will have a wonderful time. When do you go?


sophie rocks said...

Hi. I just love your blog. Do you ever sell anything you make? I see so many wonderful creations. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks. Sharon

hapi said...

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Whosyergurl said...

Hope, These are FAB! I just know they will be I treasure my (count'em)THREE Hope Baubles...wearing my robin today.
xo, Cheryl

DeeJae (Deb) said...

I just found your blog recently. What beautiful, thoughtful graduation gifts. I especially love the bookmarks. All the graduation gifts will be treasures to keep. I'm from Northern Indiana and just thought I would say "hi". I have you listed in my sidebar as I'm trying to gather artists near my area. Off to look around more. :-)

Waseem said...

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