Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Amazing Gift!

I'm back after an amazing vacation to the
South Pacific! More on that later though. I can't
wait to show you the wonderful gift
that I found waiting for me when I got home.
Sitting on my kitchen table amongst the enormous
stack of mail that always awaits you when you
arrive home was this gigantic box.....filled
with amazing beauty. Wonderfully wrapped gifts
so plentiful Christmas can't even compare. Wonderful
Somerset magazines....about 12 back issues of
their various publications.....and I love them all!
Handmade treasures like paper mache eggs each one
bestowed with a different vintage paper. Ephemera
galore. All for me....and really I don't even know
why????? Honored yes.....but I still can't figure out
why???? This lovely gift was from the beautiful
Suz Reaney of Katsui Jewelry.....a beautiful gift
in herself. Thank you so much dear friend!


Jen Kershner said...

Welcome home Hope! What a sweetie Suz is! That is a happy return to reality I think.

Whosyergurl said...

WOW! Now THAT is Christmas in July...wonderful.

xo, Cheryl

Suz said...

Oh, just because! My little Pay it Forward for people who are so good and kind and deserve a treat!!!!
Big hugs,
p.s. I am glad you liked the eggs. I was so surprised to see that you had made some. Just more for your collection :-)

Creative Wings said...

lucky girl

Laurie said...

Oh, one thing is for sure -- you did deserve it! Lucky you! How sweet of Suz! I remember reading about it on her blog and wondering who was going to be the recipient of all that wonderfulness!! So happy it is YOU!