Thursday, July 21, 2011

My First Shadow Box.....I'm loving it!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to visit Kim Hanauer
in Nashville and attend her special art retreat......
My Favorite Things. That is why I packed this cameo.
I have been wanting to use it in a piece of art for a long time.
It's old. It's real. It's gorgeous and I chose to put it in my art.
My mom says I am worth it & can use the good stuff to create
with. It makes my pieces look better don't you think??? Thanks
mom for giving such creative license & and always supporting me.

I also packed this crest. This too....I have been wanting to create with.
When she said bring your favorites....I knew I would grab this.
It was cheap. It was discarded. Yet to me beautiful. It went into
my special crafting tin that as of yet.....I have been taking it to
all the art retreats for my 'specials'.....and also my 'shares'. You
never know when your neighbor might want to share something from
your tin. I love it against the vintage ledger paper....that always
makes all my creations look terrific I think.

...and oh my mercy....this just spoke to me. I didn't have this little
cutie with me so she went on when I got home. But I did bring
this scrumptious vintage rhinestone buckle....after all it was
'My Favorite Things'....and wouldn't you all have to have it if you
saw it at the antique mall too? The vintage German paper is so yummy...
it is from an old German bible....and I just had to have it...and
is some of my favorite I had to bring it!!
Here's the finished project....the camera just doesn't capture it's
beauty.....but as my mom says.....'You're an artist...not a photographer'.
Thanks again for that creative license. She right though. I almost quit
blogging because I couldn't take good pictures.....but I LOVE the creative
outlet that blogging all the GREAT friends I am blessed
to have. So as long as you can all tolerate the poor photo quality....I will
keep blogging. Thanks Kim for teaching me these lovely techniques &
sharing your exquisite 'favorites'.


The Junque Seeker said...

So very pretty! Isn't it fun to use the good stuff?

Suz said...

Oh, Hope,
I love this. You do speak from your sweet heart!I love your mom, too, and i love the stories of you and your sister in your smoking jacket. That was my upbringing, too. I have some German Bible paper if you want more. That is my very favorite paper!!!

We are in South Dakota in the Black Hills having a reunion with some of Jud's old med school buddies. Really very special. On Monday the guys will hike up Little Devil's Tower with Jud, even if they have to carry him up, which they did with our dear friend Iver who is also very sick with cancer...and he is still alive. We just never know. They are really here for him and it is poignant but very touching.

I should be writing this in a note but now i am going. I love what you said about raising Katie frugally. We tried so hard. We didn't want her to feel deprived but we also wanted her to know what money meant and also to understand that people across the world didn't have what we had. We have ended up with an attic of vintage clothes!!! She wants to have as Etsy store with the ones that don't fit but we can't even get Katsui going!!!

Keep writing about the retreats. I want to be doing this so badly but it is a time I can't leave I go through you and others. I am doing a Pam Carriker class on line and that has been fun. What I really love, though, is the companionship of others that love what I love. I am kind of an odd duck!!!

That cameo...swoon. Thank got for your mom!
Love and a big hug,

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it Hope! Fabulous job!


Laurie said...

Oh, it's truly gorgeous, Hope. I adore the cameo -- a gorgeous one! -- and the German paper is to die for!!! Your mother sounds as special as her daughter!

Whosyergurl said...

Quit blogging? NOOOOOOO!
Love the piece! All of the special elements. Love the paper. I don't have anything like that, yet and haven't seen it. I do have some french paper, though...oooohhhh la la!
xo, Cheryl

Tami Hacker said...


These are lovely - your heart speaks through your art.

I have a tendency to hold on to my favorite pieces wondering how I can use them that is worthy... thanks for sharing we can release ourselves to use them rather than keeping them tucked away.

Just beautiful!