Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Zealand........

I mentioned in my last post when we were in Fiji that it was winter.
I wasn't kidding. When we got to New
was freezing. Lindsey & I had to buy some hats.....sure....hats
were mentioned on the packing list but we were idiot
tourists and didn't listen. Actually....when you are traveling from
98 degree weather back home not even including the heat
index.....well hats just aren't on your mind. The lakes & other
scenery like the giant Redwoods were breathtaking.

Did you know that there are more sheep in New Zealand.......
than people?????? They are grazing every where.
My next pet will definitely be a sheep. It is only fitting.....
I love wool and wouldn't it be fun to card my own wool? I saw the
process at a local farm in New Zealand. Lindsey loved them too!

We were really excited to see the Maori tribe. They came to our
hotel and served us a special dinner called a Hanni Dinner. It
is cooked under ground by the steam that comes from the
geysers. Thermal heat. is a crock pot in the ground.
My favorite dish was Pavlova. You know the meringue dessert with
fresh fruit. was served with the Pavlova. Kiwi fruit is
very popular in New Zealand....but did you know that the people
of New Zealand are called Kiwi's???

We got to take a huge cable car up the mountain to have
lunch. The scenery and view were exquisite. We had the best
dessert on the mountain. was like an
eclair....but better. Then the kids got to ride down the
mountain in a luge car. They had so much fun! Extreme sports
originated in New Zealand.

This is a WW2 Duck. In New Zealand....they call this
a duck bus. We got to ride in this open air 'bus'
all around the area.....and then drive into 2 lakes. So we toured
the lakes in the same bus we toured the land. We had duck quacker
whistles that we honked at all the walkers in the
area! During WW2 the US made 20,000 of these vehicles.
They took supplies & soldiers from ship to land. They weren't
very good vehicles....and this is where the term
sitting duck comes from. Only a few remain today.....and have
been refurbished into tour vehicles.
I hope you have enjoyed hearing about another leg of our trip.
New Zealand was truly one of the most gorgeous places
I have visited...maybe that is why it is called the rainbow
capital of the world. I hope you have an artfully
creative & productive day. Yesterday....I finished my bird tags
for Karla's think I will make some hair accessories!


Whosyergurl said...

Duck quackers? I want one! Sounds like SO much fun!

Were you at the station near Church Lane about 7:30 last night? I thought it was you but wasn't certain. :-)
I was the sweaty woman buying a popsicle after walking the trail.

xo, Cheryl

Creative Wings said...

looks like u had a blast....

Laurie said...

Wow -- I love learning word origins, and now I know sitting duck!!