Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The Fiji Islands were the first part of our South Pacific
vacation. Words or photos can not even
begin to describe the beauty that we witnessed. This
is the private island that we visited and how it
looked as we approached it from the boat that we
had been sailing in for 2 hours. We were deep in the
middle of the South Pacific Ocean.....and could see only this
and the deep blue sea.

As we walked carrying our bags high above our head.....
we were able to look onto the ocean floor and pick up
sand dollars from the bottom of the ocean.
I can't begin to tell you how exceptionally beautiful it was
to see fish and coral. Lindsey, Jeff, & Lincoln scuba dived and saw
even more than I did. Lindsey said scuba diving was
the best part of the trip. Certification.....not needed!!! The
Fijian Islander said as long as they could breathe....they were
fine. When you are deep in the South Pacific simple rules
need not apply.

When you hear the word coconut.....refreshing doesn't really
come to mind.....but it is really refreshing. The Fijian Islanders
climbed up the palm trees and picked and cut coconuts
for Lindsey & Lincoln. We all thought it was delicious.

Placed strategically around the island were these little
'love huts' as I like to call them. They had little
fabric mattresses and thatched roofs. You could
just lounge on one all day and read
or relax. Here, Lindsey & I pose for a photo!

I knew that we were in for the 'foliage' adventure of
our lives.....but this photo just doesn't do it
justice. It was winter in the South Pacific.....
but Bird of Paradise bloomed prolifically as well as many
other gorgeous tropical plants. Fiji was our first stop....and the
next excursion of the tour will be a little glimpse into
New Zealand. More on that next time. I hope you have an
artfully creative day....I will be working on my bird tags
for Karla Nathan's bird tag swap!


kandeland said...

OMG!! it must have been heavenly!! wow..what an experience! cant wait to see more..xo natalea

Whosyergurl said...

Hope, were you on a cruise? Fiji? aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
xo, Cheryl

Tina @ TinyBear said...

I sure does look wonderful Hope - what an amazing holiday

Maija said...

Extraordinary!!! What great memories were created!

Suz said...

Unbelievable, Hope. It looks like a gorgeous and relaxing place. I'll bet you had a wonderful time with your family. You all look so happy!

Laurie said...

Your children are gorgeous! What an amazing experience! Scooping seashells out as you walked...sigh...