Monday, July 18, 2011

Farmhouse.....a unique dining experience

Last week....with the heat index hovering right at 112 degrees....
we decided to road trip. My sister Jill.....girlfriend Amy.....and my
stepmother (Good Golly I sure hate that word!!) left on our
excursion to Brown Co. Indiana. We were headed to Farmhouse Cafe....a
delightful little restaurant where their home cooking is really
home cooking.... meaning....that the Auntie really does get up at 4:00 a.m.
to prepare the freshest pies....soups.....and salads. I had the best
broccoli soup I have ever eaten....

Situated around their spectacular nursery & antique shop.....this
was almost pure heaven for me. The other girls loved it too.
Their specialty plants were exquisite....and had it not been so
hot I would have enjoyed it even more.

I hope that I am not one of these persons....& that I truly do
see the beauty that surrounds me. Honestly.....I truly know that
I am NOT one of those people....because on a daily basis....I thank
God for the beauty that I see.

Their plantings were wonderful....even on the scorcher of a day
that we decided to road trip. I hope that the group of gardeners
I road tripped with will want to make this into a 2 time a year
excursion....because I need to go to this sweet spot a lot. I hope this finds
you cool....happy....and creatively blessed.


Jen Kershner said...

I've never heard of it Hope! I'm putting this on my fall Brown County list.

Something Special said...

I have looked over your blog and yes, we do similar things. I love your tiny bear post, and your scripture on the stairs. Thanks for your comment on my blog. maybe sometime you and I should swap. I love to do one on one swaps with people. We just returned from Minnesota on Sunday night. Sat and Sun were unbelievably hot and humid. I was so happy to get back to the southwest dry heat! Man that was unreal for a couple of days.