Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Favorite Things......

The other day I posted about using my favorite things in my art.
I wasn't always able to do that. Creating a warm and inviting space
to create in has helped. Being able to be inspired by the things
I love has helped me to do just that. Also....attending art retreats
like 'My Favorite Things' hosted this month by Kim Hanauer forces you
in a positive way to use and create with beauty. This photo captures
beauty to the right of my soldering station. I love the 'dingy-ness' of the baby shoes.

This is probably one of my favorite little pieces I have ever done.
I love the colors. I love the textures. I love the method. This was
part of a sampler that I made for Christine Edwards in A Swap For All
Season's. I came out of my comfort zone. That is one of the many reasons
I just love to swap. I have come to love is restful and there
are so many neat techniques I remember my grandmother teaching me.

My mother gave me this little typewriter. She said it was me. I
couldn't agree more. I love how it looks like I typed in my name.
Believe it or is one of my favorite things. The reason....because
my mom supports my art. She is very creative....but doesn't create any more.
She says she supports artists. I think that is neat. So now my mom comes
over....sits with me sometimes while I create and 'supports' me.
It is fun....and yes....I am trying to get her to create something!

This is in front of my soldering station. I love the way that the
class pieces are stored. I love the containers. I love looking at
the unfinished pieces.....they speak to me.....and remind me....that
my work is never finished.

Housing neat and interesting pieces is always inspiring to me. I bought
this cute mermaid....someday it will be made into something for
my mom. She loves.....and collects mermaids. And oh....those rhinestone
rings.....I LOOOOOVE them. They came off a vintage sweater. They inspire
me and sometimes I use them in my art. What all this artful inspiration
has taught use what you love. Use the good are worth
it & trust me it inspires others....especially me. Have a beautifully
inspiring & artfully creative day.


Suz said...

Beautiful good stuff, Hope! I am so glad you have your mother to support you. Katie and I support each other, and that really feels good. It is just so good to have someone "right there" isn't it?

Cherie Wilson said...

Sweet post dear friend! I love that your mama supports you and yes, use the good stuff! I love that reminder. Thank you dear Hope!

Laurie said...

All of your things are beautiful and I know you'll make something beautiful from them! I'm happy for you that you have such a great mom!

Maija said...

Lovely photos! And what a wonderful way to spend time with your mom!

Creative Wings said...

fabulous vintage goodness miss hope

mercedesscott said...

I love your creative space... and the little story about your mom. My mom is also very creative, but was never able to express it due to the fact that she was always working to help support our family. In her generation, "crafting" was a bit like goofing off.. but now she's 71 and loves to see everything I make! Enjoy crafting and creating art with your mom!