Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Pink Roses.....

I have been wanting to make really pretty flowers all summer
long. Realistic....yet scrunchy yummy....with a vintage flair. I
think I finally did it. After looking at the lovely tutorials out there
& wholeheartedly following all the ladies directions....I couldn't master
it. So....I resorted to a life altering method I learned from Betz White
at Silver Bella last year. These yummies are made from hand dyed
coffee stained with just a hint of tulle scrunched
in for texture. They look almost like a real dried prom flower.

Here is one of the blossoms in all its glory. Don't you just love
how the coffee has dried around the edges. If I hadn't added the
pretty tulle....which I really love....and wouldn't want to
really would look like a dried rose.

This beauty sat in front of me & screamed inspiration. I actually
couldn't take my eyes off it and had to create something. That is why
beauty needs to be in front of me (note to self) at all inspire
creative beauty.

These were Lindsey's 19th birthday roses. I made the
bouquet for her last week. They are just lasting.....& lasting....
& lasting. I really can't believe it. I had to add a little 'mom'
flair to the bouquet. I don't think she likes crowns as much as me....
but she plays along & she is my darling princess. Let me know what you
think about the sweet roses. I am not a tutorial person....but I would love
to let you know what I did to create them.


The Junque Seeker said...

These are so pretty! I'd love to know how you made them.

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

The roses are beautiful!!! I would love to see how you made them.

Whosyergurl said...

Simply beautiful.

xo, Cheryl

Beth Leintz said...

Your coffee filter roses are beautiful- and inspiring, now I want to make some!

miss lynn said...

type up
a tutorial,

Barbara said...

oh how lovely!!!! those are simply scrumptious!!!! yes yes a resounding YES!!!

Robin Sanchez said...

Your roses are wonderful......please to share!!

Laurie said...

Oh, lovely and peachy! I await the tutorial!