Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baseball Tournament......despite the 105 heat index!

This past weekend.....Lincoln participated in a baseball Tournament.....
despite the high heat index. Fans as well as players were
miserable. We had a blast though.....we took the RV and tailgated
and had some relief from the heat because of the AC in the RV. Here
Lincoln makes an awesome bunt to advance some base runners.
(Word to don't know baseball terms!!!) I am just there as
a proud mother and to be a support to my darling young man.

We played on a horrible field. The biggest advantage I saw was that
numerous home runs were hit. The field was only 255 & our home field
is regulation at that was a big boost for some of the egos on our team.
We even had a couple of grand slams. Here.....after 6 games our tired and hot
boys graciously gave us a group photo. Didn't have the heart to make them
pose for the picture. They look like the bad news bears I think.

We were all saying prayers when the ambulance had to come. Two
young men on the Avon team collided. One boy was totally fine....the other
had to go to the hospital for a knee injury.....he possibly has fractured
his femur......we are still waiting on the results. This young man continues
to be in my prayers. The conditions....and non-regulation length of the field
cause me to believe an accident could have been prevented. All in all.....a great
time was had by all. We took 2nd in the tournament. I love a good baseball tournament.


Jan said...

Well, your baseball day had a couple of scary places....I'm glad it's over! Whew. And you were SO smart to bring the camper with the A/C. You're a great Mom.

We're headed to OKC the first part of Aug and I'm reallllllyyyyyy skeered about the heat they are having. I'm not used to that (whimp).

Stay cool, congrats to Lincoln and team, and hope to hear that the injured boy is doing well.


miss lynn said...

it was toooo hot to
be outside this weekend,
hope! but good mammas
do what we have
to do!
we were at a
soccer tourney. let
me just say, "i don't
like to sweat!"
great job, lincoln!

LuLu Kellogg said...

YAY for Lincoln and his team!

We are having a terrible heat wave here and without central air it's miserable! We have holded up in the den where we have one window unit trying to stay cool! I have been in and out of the pool all day. I am pruned!!!

Stay cool!


Whosyergurl said...

WHY are ballgames held on the hottest days of the year? Looks like fun and I know you are soooo proud of your fella!
xo, Cheryl