Friday, July 8, 2011


A-STRAY-IA.....that's how it's pronounced. I never knew that. Let me
tell you being in Sydney is like being in any big city in the US.....but are in Australia. It truly is amazing and beautiful in
it's own way. When I thought of Australia....of course I thought about the famous
Sydney Opera House. So capturing a photo was pretty important to me.
Lindsey said 'Mom....if you want a great picture of the Sydney Opera House
.....just get it of the internet'. She's right....but then it wouldn't be MY photo.
With us in it. We are in the harbor.....right in front of the Opera House.....
how cool is that?

I fell in love with the series Bondi Rescue....kind of like the US show Baywatch
but more like a reality TV show because it is interactive on the beach with
all the rescues & Blue Bottle Jelly Fish stings. Apparently they are a horrible jelly-fish
and the sting is awful. Bondi Beach was beautiful and a huge area for surfing.
Since it was winter in Australia....there weren't many beach combers....and judging
by our attire.....I couldn't even put my big toe in the ocean. Here we are in front of the
famous Lifeguard station. They rescue 2500 drowning people a year. Only 2 people have
died on Bondi Beach in the last 30 years due to the exceptional lifeguards that dedicate
their lives to keeping people safe. amazing profession!!!

Now....this was what I was waiting for. The Koala's. AMAZING!
These truly are the cutest creatures I have ever seen. I could have just
snuggled in with these cuties the WHOLE vacation. The boys are so I will take a lil' girl any day. We went to the Featherdale
rescue where we got to feed and hold the Koala's. These spoiled
littles only eat the tips off the Eucalyptus branches....because they are
the most tender and delicious.

Maybe in the wild Kangaroos are vicious....mean.....tormenting
animals....but we definitely say the lovable side. We LOVED the
kangaroos and they had such sweet dispositions. Their dexterity was
incredible and they would eat right out of your hand......picking up the ice cream
cone feed servers. We got a huge kick out of this.

This was a favorite photo opportunity for many on the trip.
Hold on to HOPE. We got a huge kick out of this. Jeff seems really
tickled by this. We had a great time in Australia. I will definitely go back.....
but next time....I am going to the Outback! I wanted to see
Crocodile Dundee! I hope you have an artfully creative and blessed day.
I am traveling to Nashville TN to go to Kim Hanauer's art retreat....
'My favorite things'. I can't wait to see Kana & LuLu and to meet all the other
creative ladies. Oh.....and don't forget Norm....Kim's amazing husband....I am
sure he will be doting on each and everyone of us!


Whosyergurl said...

My daughter held a koala in Australia! So adorable. But I have heard they are stinky. But so is my dog (sometimes) and I still love her!
Have fun in TN!
xo, Cheryl

Suz said...

That brings back so many good memories. We loved it so much, as well. I remember holding a koala and having kangaroos snitch something out of my pocket and just how it was the same and totally different as our part of the world. Animals and flora and fauna all a little different. I want to go back too but, sheesh, what a long flight!!!!