Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tiny Bear.....My Friend Tina Jensen

A Couple of years ago I was smart enough to say I would love to swap
internationally. When Heather Rawley of Speckled Egg hosted
her very first Petite Inspiration Box Swap I was more than willing
to sign on that dotted line. I jumped at the chance....and lucky I did....
because I was paired with the sweetest & ever so talented Tina Jensen
of Tiny Bear. She lives in Denmark and makes....well you guessed it
.....Tiny Bears. They are wonderful....I don't know how she stitches so
tediously....but I am amazed. Several months ago.....I invited Tina to do a
one on one swap together really hoping she would say yes...and she did. Look at
all the lovelies she sent to me.....wrapped up so prettily in my favorite.....old
pattern paper. I was really hoping that she would send me one of her
journals....and she did. But I never dreamed it would be all the wonderfulness
that also came in the box. The pincushion is my is grey and
created with the most gorgeous tapestry. What really made my heart
squeal though...were the vintage postage stamps she sent all tied up with
jute. Too cute!!!! Also....she made me an artists canvas with roses that is
really pretty. And of course the old tin and cabinet cards. Thanks so much
my sweet Danish friend.....some day I hope to meet in person this sweet
swap friend of mine.

Here is what I sent to her....that she so lovingly captured. (As usual....I forgot
to photograph what I sent.) I made her this cute bird the Petite Inspiration
Box form....from a match box. I love how it turned out. I like so much just the
hint of color in the bird eggs. I had a lot of fun creating this piece & I adore
the bird's tail feathers made from vintage sheet music that I Gesso'd up and
twirled. I hope that Tina liked much as I enjoyed making it.

Our swap contents were really similar. It probably wouldn't be me.....
if I didn't add some cabinet cards. I love them....and buy them
every chance I get. I feel they are discarded and need a place to call
home. Especially the baby & children cards. That really makes me
so think they have been discarded.

.....and if you know me.....frozen charlottes almost always accompany
anything I send. I knew that Tina had recently been on holiday to
Germany.....and was really hoping to find some frozen charlottes. She
had no such I of course had to make her day and send her
some. I also couldn't resist sending her a soldered piece with vintage
lace. I know Tina loves laces and purchases them every opportunity she gets.
We are kindred sisters that way.

It really is uncanny....Tina & I sent so many neat things to each other.
What's really many of the things we sent were the same.
I guess when you are drawn to are bound to have many
similarities. Many days I spend thinking of my sweet Danish friend Tina. I
wish we lived closer together so we could meet in person....hopefully....
that day will happen. Have a glorious day....creating & being productive
in some sweet way.


Suz said...

I saw what you sent her on a blog a few days ago.I clicked on the "Hope' to be sure it was you (but when I saw your contents, I knew, of course it was. I frankly think both of you are so talented and so nice. I don't know her well but she answers my little peon comments so sweetly.

Jud is starting to understand why I practically had a breakdown when the computers broke down (five days now). I miss my wonderful community.

All this stuff is soooo lovely!


Creative Wings said...

wow you have such amazing goodies. hugs

Laurie said...

I am drooling over what you got (look at that green trim!) and what you sent (the soldered lace)! What a great swap!