Monday, July 11, 2011

Hawaii...... are the last photos of our awesome summer vacation.
Our last leg of the trip....we landed on US soil.....
and that is always an incredible feeling for me. There really
isn't a good way to describe it other than to say that
I love my country!!! Here we are in front of our awesome
hotel. We are getting ready to leave for the Luau.

I guess one of the best things for me about going on vacation
is noticing the beauty that surrounds me. The sunsets
were magnificent. The beaches awesome. Here we pose at
the luau. I really loved the luau. The food was wonderful. The pig
was incredible....I will pass on the was awful!!!! Is there
anyone out there in blogland that likes Poi???? Please let me know......
also the second worse thing I ate on the trip was.....Vegemite.
No.....don't let anyone tell you that it is an Australian substitute for
peanut butter.....and yes.....we tried it the way Australian's really
eat it thinly spread over a lavishly buttered piece of toast.

Of course I knew that my awesomely athletic son would be able
to surf! What I didn't know is that Jeff.....just 3 days after
turning 50 would be able to do it as well!!! Jeff & Lincoln
had a ball surfing the waves of Waikiki.
Lincoln said surfing was really exhausting. No wonder all those
surfers look so fit!

Here Jeff & Lincoln take their lesson.....on dry land.
I am so happy that they got to try surfing.

......and I will save the best for last. I say best only
because it was incredible to be at Pearl Harbor. Our countries
resting place for so many soldiers. I admire and respect the men &
women that have died for me. Have protected our country
for me to have the life that I have. All though we didn't get to tour
Pearl Harbor long enough....we did get to see a lot....and it is somewhere
that I will definitely go back to see again.
All in all this summer vacation was absolutely Lincoln says
it was our last family vacation since Lindsey goes off to college this fall....but
I know that isn't true....a lot of awesome vacationing lays in front of us.
I hope that you have an awesome & wonderfully creative day. Over the
weekend I traveled to Nashville visit Kim Hanauer. I met her
at Silver Bella. I attended her wonderful art retreat......'My Favorite Things'.
I can't wait to show you the awesome things we created. I got to
sit at the table with LuLu & Kana.....beautiful Bellas. We had
so much fun. It was awesome to catch up with them.


Jan said...

Hawaii must be THE place to visit this year. I know so many of you who have been there!
Great photos of the family prior to Luau festivities, too!
Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. It looked refreshing and fun!

Nice surfing, boys! I'm impressed!


Cherie Wilson said...

Wowie!!!!!!!!!! fun, fun, fun!
We are so blessed. Hope to see you soon! XO

Laurie said...

Wow -- double envy! You got to see Pearl Harbor (I will make it there one day and I absolutely cannot wait!) and then you got to see LuLu and Kana! I can't wait to hear about it!