Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bo.....A Heroic Rescue

Monday night after Lincoln had missed the entire day of school with respiratory flu like symptoms and spent the entire day asleep, we got a phone call at 10:24. This little boy, Bo, had been missing for 3 hours. He is 7 and we knew that surely he was cold....scared....and hungry. We told Lincoln that we were leaving to go on the search and he jumped out of bed and insisted going despite his illness. He said if Bo was missing he would never forgive himself if he didn't help find him. So we collected our flashlights....extra batteries....water.....& POPTARTS because they help with every rescue mission, and traveled to one of the furthest most Monroe County parts and very treacherous terrain, to begin the search for seven year old Bo.

Bo is part of our Hockey family. His 16 year old brother Gabe has been playing with Lincoln for 9 years. We knew Bo before he was born. We have traveled to Canada with Bo & his family and many weekends of our lives. Our hockey family is extensive & unique. Help is given when needed and this most surely warranted help & lots of it. By the time we reach Bo's home it was 11:30. We had never been there....we travel together....we are never home to socialize together. We were warned of the Crumpet-like driveway in Who-ville from Dr. Seuss's movie, without the winding spiral & it was NO JOKE. Drop off like conditions on BOTH sides & steep. Straight up for about a mile. We were lucky because Jeff just drove right on up.....most people walked. When we got to the top, the experts were getting the canine unit ready to begin the search. The infer-red search of the helicopter was underway and walkers....would begin our 2 by 2 scan of the surrounding property. The 150 people I met at the top, most of course I didn't know....but there....most of the hockey family was.....huddled close together....ready to hunt for sweet Bo. We were given our instructions. Paired into our groups. We were supposed to go 2 by 2, but Lincoln wanted to go with his Coach Nick, Jill his wife, & their 2 sons Eli & Zaiah. Bonding with Nick is a treasure no matter what the circumstance because we love him dearly. I went with Jeff & his plethora of flashlights that he passed out to everyone BUT me so I didn't have one. It was awful. I was unprepared in the most treacherous terrain I had ever experienced and it was horrible....truly....I was scared, and it was very difficult. I hunted for about an hour and then another mother & I went back to the house and her son & Jeff continued. Really, it was I went back and did what I do comforted & talked....after all....that's really what I do best. About 45 minutes at 2:26a.m. later my sweet son called with the most jubilant voice proclaiming that he found Bo.....the rescue experts sounded the sirens & the volunteers meandered in 2 by 2. Lincoln and his rescue unit were so deep into the forest it took them an hour to get back in. Lincoln asked little Bo if he was cold....tired....or hungry....what I always tell Lincoln a mother always worries about for her own child.....good thing he had some POPTARTS to offer! Lincoln doesn't want me to make a big deal about his heroic status....he says we all helped so we are all heroes & he's right in a way.....but one thing I know for sure....his heart is gold and it sure does show in times like this! He said hearing Bo's voice was the most cheerful noise he has ever heard.


Michelle Hamric said...

This is beautiful. Yet another reason I am so proud to be part of this hockey family!!!

miss lynn said...

what a great
ending to something
that terrifies
every mother.

so glad your
son was a part
of this. i am
sure his heart will
never be the same.

Terri Gordon said...

OMG, How wonderful, you should be so proud of your wonderful son, oh how scary for Bo, but a happy ending. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Suz said...

Dear Hope...
I don't remember if you saw the news about Jud. I am so forgetful these days. Forgive me if you did. He has reached the end of treatments and is going on hospice soon. I just wanted to be sure you knew, dear friend!

Heather said...

I was so scared reading this! I am so glad you guys (your son specifically) found him! And a good thing for those Pop Tarts!!!! I bet that little guy had never tasted anything better!!! I am so happy that this was a HAPPY ending!! Miss you!

Collie said...

What a great story and how wonderful your son shared in finding him.

LuLu Kellogg said...

A wonderful ending to a horrible situation. I know you are so proud of your son! I am also sure that you were so much of a comfort to other around you.