Monday, January 23, 2012

It' ICY some clear photos for you.....

The other night Jeff said I heard the ice is going to miss us. He was wrong. He must have been listening to the weather forecasters. We came out of the high school basketball game to head over to the ice rink to watch the high school hockey game & about slipped down the steps. When we came out of the rink, a family had placed some egg cartons on the roof of our car for Lincoln's little egg business and they were frozen and completely encrusted in ice....stuck to the top of the car.....I guess we really looked like the idiot chicken farmers that we really are. I thought I would show some pretty clear photo vignettes from my craft room & around the house. I think they look icy and beautiful.

The above photo is from my craft room. I adore salt shakers & love to use them in my art....or for vessels for my art. Like for lovely decanters for glitter or for storing beads. Pretty containers inspire me. This photo is from my bathroom. I love the old apothecary jars they used in the past to store their toiletries. And look at this neat old soap storage box. Don't you just hate our new plastic ones?
I would much prefer this old metal type. Sometimes I just have to break down & use the old ones.

The old glass the way that it has worn & aged just makes me happy. So grey & calcium encrusted. Here in Indiana we have lots of limestone & it gets on everything. I also just love the old silver top on this bottle. This bottle is actually part of a set that I have taken out of the old ratty case. Typically....I love old & ratty.....but this was a little too old & ratty even for me. So, I am just displaying them randomly. If you know know I like a good little vignette. I just love my collections. I guess it is a good thing we can now call an addiction a collection....otherwise....I'd be in big trouble. I hope you have liked looking at my icy photos. Apparently it is supposed to be warmer here & all the ice will melt....but then again....are those weather forecasters ever right? Have an artfully creative matter what the weather!

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Laurie said...

LOL about the egg cartons!! You make me smile! Sorry about the ice! We have sunshine but it's chilly out there!