Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twelve Days Of Christmas Swap....

It was with slight apprehension that I even signed up for Alanna George's 12 Day's of Christmas Swap....only because the due date was for March 20th & I thought it would be difficult for me to wrap my creative brain around a Christmas Swap in the glorious spring-time. But some of us gals have been swapping together for about 3 years now since we met at Silver Bella. My task was Five Golden Rings & I had so much fun making these ornaments. I am giving you a sneak peak.....I don't think many of my gal pals from the swap read my blog so this is a little un-veiling.I am getting mine mailed out early as we leave for our Spring Break junking trip next week. Get son....15 year old Lincoln wants to go on a 'picking' trip!!!! Hey.....I'm up for it....we will head to warmer in the games.....ANTIQUE & JUNK!!! So I hope my little sneak peak has inspired you.....I know these swaps really do fuel my creative energy. Have a gloriously inspired day. Blessings!


Kim Hanauer said...

Your little birds are adorable! I love them. Have fun on your junkin` trip! Let me know what kind of treasures you find.

luci wallis said...

Oh my that sounds like an awesome spring break trip. My son Griffin loves American Pickers, along with my nephews we just went on a pick in my Mom's attic! I have dragged that poor boy to more antique festivals, flea market and antique stores since he could walk:) Thanks for your order!!
We do have a lot in common!! Beautiful work~

shawn street said...

Busted! I'm in the 12 days swap too! Your doves are precious. That means I need to get a move on with my 8 maids a milking! I've got everything pulled together. Now I just need to execute!

Have fun on your buying trip. Please share photos on your blog Hope!

Laurie said...

Wow wow wow!! I love these! I too would have a hard time doing Christmas in Spring but, boy, is it worth it! Swoon!

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