Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grey Felted Bracelet & Headband...

It was a day that Stephanie Oyler (Crown's & Pearls) & I had planned to get together & make a little mini book we had seen in a new scrap book store here in town. The store offered classes on Saturdays....& that just didn't fit our current 'mom' schedules & our new found FIJI &
ADPi schedules. We breezed right on through the book & moved on to plan 'B'. Making these cute felted & velvet bracelets with a matching headband. We made a total of 3 bracelets & one headband. We are giving the headband & one bracelet to our friend Julie for her birthday on's okay....our Bloomington friends think we are crazy for this blog Julie won't get a sneak peak before the big salad luncheon at Stephanie's.

Stephanie kind of just 'shopped' my craft room for things she thought she might want to do. I just started throwing out suggestions. I had wanted to show her my new Sizzix for months. I am in LOVE with it. That's what we used to cut out the flowers. So the project just evolved. We both had on grey I just reached for the pile of grey wool sweaters. My craft room was UBER organized which made it a breeze to pull supplies from. After she left, I started making a few others in some different shades. I am making one now for Lindsey's sorority benefit in early March. I think it will be cute. It always leaves me feeling so inspired after a day of creating with a friend. Your ideas just bounce off each other.

Of course....craft day wouldn't be craft day without sustenance. I had to provide a nice healthy lunch for us. I made this awesome soup that my sister snagged the recipe for and tweaked at her home. I will provide our improvised recipe below if you want to try it. We didn't exactly get the recipe....ummmm because you know real Chefs don't use recipes....they just cook.'s really too easy for a real recipe. I also made my now famous Aunt Hope sandwich. Made famous because my nieces request this sandwich on the first day of school every year. It is a bagel sandwich, toasted whole wheat with smoked turkey, cucumbers, dill, & cream cheese. I love it and every one else seems to love it too......and I served some Babba ganoosh and bake pita chips. I love Babba ganoosh.....which is roasted eggplant dip and I am fortunate to have a Kroger store that carries it fresh on one of their gourmet bars. I know that Pioneer Woman has a recipe for it. It is a healthier dip if a dip can be healthy. I for a dipper and this one is garlicky and yummy so just google Rae if you want a home made recipe. Here is the recipe for my soup if you are interested.
Roasted Sweet Poblamo & Sweet Potato Soup

2 medium sweet potatoes
3 poblamo peppers
2 large sweet onions
Drizzle Olive Oil
1 head garlic
1 T + 1 tsp. Cumin
2 boxes Organic Chicken Stock
Salt & Pepper

Wash & peel sweet potatoes. Slice & cut into thin pieces a little thinner that 1/4" slices. Cut onion the same way. Cut pepper in half and take out seeds. Take papers off the garlic. Put above vegetables in a large roasting pan and drizzle generously with olive oil. Toss well to coat. Salt & pepper the vegetables. Roast them for one hour at 450 degrees tossing well every 15 minutes. The vegetables will start to darken & caramelize. Transfer roasted vegetables to a large stock pot and add stock & cumin. Bring to boil, reduce heat to simmer and cook vegetables about 20 minutes and then puree with a hand held wand. I like to serve the soup the next day to let the soups flavors blend.

See how simple the recipe is??? Stephanie said she loved the soup. I like to add some turkey sausage or some smoked chicken to it for a little heartier fare but with a sandwich this is nice. So all in all the day was fantastic. Just what I needed to get over the last bit of winter. A craft day is so inspiring & fun. I hope you are able to get together with a friend & create till your hearts content. If so....share your special day....I would love to hear about it. Blessings for an artfully uplifting day.


Kim Hanauer said...

Whew, Hope, I`m dizzy from all the great craftiness! You are truly amazing!
Love the felted headband and bracelet.... Love you too~

Tammy said...

Gorgeous headband and bracelet. How yummy that soup sounds think I'm going to have to stash the recipe all ready for Winter. :)

stephanie said...

We did have fun, didn't we? Keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't infect you and that you don't start getting a hacking cough....

Heather said...

Man!!! Not only am I lonely over here on the East coast, but I feel totally left Miss you girls! I would love to have a crafty day together! Most of my craft days are shared with a 6yr old...I mean she is crafty and all, but I would love some grown up conversation! And grown up food....

Cherie Wilson said...

Love the project! Love the soup! Loved seeing you at Kroger the other day! LOVE YOU!!! xo

Kathy said...

Lovely wrist bands!! and the soup sounds wonderful,very cozy for a day like today,great idea

luci wallis said...

So beautiful and that velvet ribbon is to die for~

Laurie said...

This is making my mouth water!

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