Friday, October 17, 2008

Silver Bella Bound

Hello. Today was a very productive day. I attended Roof Crashers which is a Friday morning bible study that meets at my church. I am a member of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. Then I rushed home & worked on a soldering project for an upcoming show. At some point during the creating process I realized I was about to miss the opening of Melissa Schultz' jewelry show, a local gal who makes some awesome soldered pieces. I didn't want to miss out, so I loaded up Justice, my black cock-a-poo, because he had an appointment at the vet and we would head there after the show. Melissa did not dissappoint! Her show was spectacular, very creatively made pieces. I purchased a gorgeous flower pendant which I loved, and it even passed my daughter & her friends approval. They all want one now. Then I headed to the vet and back home for more creating and then we all got ready and headed to Japanee' a very yummy Sushi Bar in town. YUMMY! I want to let everyone know that I am heading to Omaha Nebraska in November for Silver Bella. A giant & awesome crafting extravaganza! There I will take part in 5 classes & three of them will be taught by soldering guru......Sally Jean Alexander. I can't wait to learn from the Queen of Soldering!!!! I really want to pick her brain. I will leave town on November 12th with three Bella Sisters....Lisa Orme, Cherie Wilson & Stephanie Oyler. We are all very excited, and we will junk store shop the entire way there, go to CURIOUS SOFA, eat at wonderful places and just have a great time being girls on a road trip. I am looking forward to meeting all the girls there as I have been studying their blogs to get to know them before we go!!!! A lot of very creative & talented girls!! I will keep you posted on swaps I am making to take & and loads of creative fun.

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Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Three classes with Sally Jean? Wow, you'll be writing a soldering book before long! How fun to go with a group, too! Count down now....Silver Bella Bound!!!