Saturday, January 24, 2009

All That Glitters

I got a little reprimand yesterday at Bible Study (The Beth Moore Ester Series). My good friend Stephanie inquired about my horrible blogging skills....horrible because they have been non-existent since January 12! Well, I might have to confess to being a weekend blogger, or most definitely a blogger when I have the time. You see the above bunch of fun, glitter, glue, papers, wall paper, stamps, ribbon, ephemera, buttons & more. These are items that make me sing. These items are music to my ear....and even though Stephanie might want me to blog a little more....she might just be pleased with a fun gift made with all these cool creative supplies. For that...she will have to wait and see. Blessings for a fun & creative weekend.


stephanie said...

So excited to see your post! I'm trying to identify each item in the picture....So, I'm gonna like what you've been doing, huh? It does look like I see a bit of textured pink vintage wallpaper! Love it!

stephanie said...

One more thing....I just noticed that you posted this @ 4:11 a.m. this morning!!!! I'm impressed, but, then again, you always impress me, girl!