Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Love High School Basketball

We are having a thrilling season here in Bloomington. Bloomington High School South (BHSS), which is where Jeff & I graduated from is doing great in it's basketball season. We are currently ranked first in Indiana and 11th in the country. Of course, I don't know what any of this means, but I am telling you, I sure do have a passion for this team. These boys are driven, and are they ever fun to watch. I also have my favorite players....this is excitement at it's fullest. Their personalities just shine on the court and I squirm with excitement as I await the next game. Since I am so into this season....I made some of the basketball mom's little basketball bubbles with their sons number on the back and their initial on the front in our famous purple. This was my way of showing my team spirit! Blessings for what ever rev's you up in your life.


farmgirlbella said...

What a great idea....I'm sure the Mom's loved them.


stephanie said...

Oh, that was so sweet of you. I know those moms will find your gift very special. Go South and beat North tonight!!!