Monday, January 12, 2009

It saddens me....

that 2 of my favorite magazines are going out of publication. In our tough, war torn economy I know that businesses of all types are struggling. It makes me so upset to think that I will no longer be able to read Mary Englebreit's Home Companion or Country Home. I pray for our country to gather strength and persevere through these tough economic times. Blessings.


cammyk said...

Just sick about it :(

Whosyergurl said...

Country Home is going out?
what other magazine?

we HAVE to be neighbors!


stephanie said...

It was a great magazine, wasn't it???

Vonna said...

Hi Hope! My name is Vonna and actually we've spoken before - we live in Bloomington as well and used to live over by your place on Church lane, my kids also went Clear Creek, but we moved over on Tapp and now go to Summit. Anyway - my Mom found your blog today and said its one that "we" (her and I) like to look at! LOL! So I've added you into my google reader and I'll be back. Glad to "meet" you again!

chantal johnson said...

Not another favorite....We are going to have to save all back issues and pretend they are new :)