Wednesday, January 20, 2010

65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

On January 23, 2010 Lincoln & I will embark on a trip of a life time. We are traveling to Krakow Poland on a class field trip. We are going to Poland for the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz....a concentration camp...or better put a DEATH CAMP that killed 4 million Jews & other innocent people during World War 2. Our hostess is this ball of fire Mrs. Eva Mozes Kor. She is a survivor and is one of thousands of Mengeles twins who survived horrendous and torterous experiments as a human gunniea pig. We travel to mourn....and to pay tribute to those who died & to those who live.

In this picture Mrs. Kor is shown with her blurry tattoo. The prisoners of the death camp were marked and labeled as another form of dehumanization from the Nazis. Eva was bound and determined to make it rather difficult for the Nazis to brand her and wiggled and squirmed her way around during the painful process. Today, she lives with this 'badge of courage'. I blog today about this horrendous topic because we must never forget. We must fight on to let others know of the attrocities that happend during World War 2 and we must also 'tikkun olam'....Hebrew for REPAIR THE WORLD!


stephanie said...

Well, It looks like I'm not going to get around to calling today before I leave and wish you a safe trip....I hope the sunshine in Mexico helps me get my head on straight...Life around here has just been a lot lately!

So, have a fabulous trip and I am so looking forward to a long breakfast after you return to hear about traveling with Mrs. Kor and your entire experience.....

farmgirlbella said...

Have a wonderful experience on this trip. You'll be astonished at all you'll learn and see. Most will be very disturbing and prayers will help you through!