Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm On Holiday!

No...I am not going to Cabo. But one of my dearest friends, an Indiana Bella, Miss Stephanie Oyler over at Crowns & Pearls is vacationing there with her husband and some friends. I am sure she is having a delightful & relaxing time in those beautiful clear waters. We are going to get together after our holidays and reminece about all the fun we had. No, this is where I am going on holiday.

Although I envy Stephanie for her rest, fun, serenity, and beauty that she is bestowing upon herself...hey definitely if I know my Stephanie...she will even get a visit into the SPA...I know she sees the importance of my trip. I am traveling to Poland to visit Auschwitz. I know most of you probably think this is in Germany, but Germany occupied Poland and built the death camp there. This is where millions upon millions of Jewish people and others were sent to their deaths, thinking they were going to a work camp. After numerous books that I have read I kept asking myself...why didn't the Jewish people put up a bigger fight? Why were they herded in cattle cars to Auschwitz to be put to their deaths?? Why did they allow it. I kept reading & reading & reading. I found my answer today in such a clear and concise way. I am reading 'Children of the Flames'. I highly reccomend it. Inside the book, just waiting for me to find was my answer. A gentleman by the name of Menashe Lorinczi a Holocaust Survivor and one of Mengele's Twins had this to say. After WW2 ended things didn't get much better for the survivors. A deep hatred was placed on the Jewish people still. People kept asking 'why did you let the Germans lead you like sheep to the slaughter?' Menashe joined the Israeli Army and his fellow soldiers looked down on him for being an Auschwitz Camp Victim. It took Menashe years to figure it out too. (Mind you...they were children when they became prisoners.) He remembers when they were liberated from Auschwitz, the Russians captured some 5000 Nazi Soldiers. He tells of seeing 2 Jewish Inmates, human skeletons if you will, who had been left to die take the guns away from 2 Nazis and start shooting. Guess what...not one tried to run...awaiting their turn to die. The Germans sat there like sheep. He then says....'It doesn't matter if you are Hungarian, Polish, Jewish, or German: If you don't have a gun, you have nothing'. I am glad that I have finally learned why the Jewish people didn't put up a huge fight. It has made me angry, sad, and bewildered. Thanks Menashe for enlightening me, and thank you for having the courage to speak of your story...of your survival.


Sheila Rumney said...

Sounds like a emotional trip of a lifetime. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Missing all the Silver Bella's too and counting down the days until the next one!

stephanie said...

You do know me too well...yes, a visit to the spa did occur...Missing you...Can't wait to have you tell me more about what you have learned, have seen, and have felt about this fabulous trip...