Tuesday, January 19, 2010

International Silver Sticks Championship

As many of you know right before I went to Silver Bella in November my son Lincoln won a huge regional hockey tournament in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This championship ship gave us the green light to move on to an International Tournament to be played in Pehlham Ontario, Canada. On January 5, 2010 Jeff, Lincoln & I traveled to Canada to participate in the International Silver Sticks Hockey Tournament. It was such an awesome experience where we went sight seeing and got to spend time in awe of Niagra Falls which we could see from our hotel room. What beauty was bestowed upon us. Daily rainbows really make one cheerful! What really made the trip memorable was coming home champions of the International Silver Sticks Tournament!

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stephanie said...

I just love that his team won this major tournament after all the years of hardwork those guys put into the sport. It's a good lesson to never give up, but just keep on practicing and staying committed no matter what your record is....And, wow, how it payed off for Lincoln and his teammates!