Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

I just love Easter! I love the time of year & all the spring goodness. I love the meaning of Easter. I love the food & all the goodies of Easter. I love being together as a family and watching for the new spring green. I LOVE decorating eggs.

I love all the spring inspiration that you can find on the Internet. I especially love Country Living & Martha Stewart. Their craft inspiration is so wonderful. Martha Stewart always has the BEST egg decorating I think. Just look at these lace eggs. Eggs dyed with a lace overlay. I think these are really just too pretty for words. The neat thing....I have never dyed eggs with her instructions that have ever failed.

And these little silhouette eggs. How cute are these. I couldn't resist adding these as silhouettes are really my thing. I have never tried these....but maybe next year. They are just too cute. The really best thing about dying eggs is eating them. Can you lunches are all planned for next week and it will be egg salad sandwiches! Can you say YUMMY!!!! And how about the cost.....hello....what a cheap and rewarding craft. I didn't even buy the eggs that were on sale because I wanted JUMBO's and they were still only $1.24 a dozen. I bought the egg dye on sale last year for .25 cents!

I know....these aren't edible...but aren't these cute. I really want to do more felting this year because I just love it. So I included it in my Easter Egg hunt. Can you image how cute these would be on a white feather tree...hummmmmm come to think of it....I am in a pre-Silver Bella spring swap.....Maybe I WILL try my hand at some of these yummies!

And these pretties are really just adorable. I don't know if I really have the patience to glue each of those little flowers on....just to eat...but they are just too cute. I hope you have enjoyed my Easter inspiration post. Thanks Martha & Country Living for always offering me glimmers of inspiration. I hope your Easter is filled with love, family and of course the love of our Lord & Savior. Have a beautiful day.....Happy Easter.


Sue said...

Those eggs are all so gorgeous! Happy Easter to you too :)

Sue E.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Happy Easter Hope!!!!!!
Wishing you many blessings today...and always~

stephanie said...

I agree that Country Living and Martha do have the best images! Hope you had a Happy Easter...

Me....bunny said...

So cute...I like the ones with the little flowers. Glad you had a wonderful Easter...we worked in the yard all day but had fun doing it.
Have a great week Hope!