Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tussie Mussie Swap

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Linda's swap from a swap for all season's. It was so fun making a Tussie Mussie. I was paired up with Ginger from Glitter & Roses and we had the best time. I made mine using vintage wallpaper, old lace, vintage millinery, velvet & seam binding. I soldered a piece of piece of the vintage wallpaper and added a chandelier crystal for the dangle at the bottom.

Here it is in it's full size. It was actually quite long. I filled it with homemade vanilla bath salts. The handle was wrapped in two colors of seam binding and then I added a piece of velvet and a vintage rhinestone pin in the shape of a bow.

The best part for me was adding to the box all the goodies. I always love that part. I knew Ginger loved frozen charlottes so of course I had to add those in two sizes from my stash.

Here is one of the large ones. I also sent her 3 little tiny ones. I hope that Ginger loved her box that I sent and will always remember me on May Day when she uses her little Tussie Mussie. Also, a big bunch of thanks to Ginger who had to send me the photos as I forgot to photograph my creation.

And here is the stash that I sent to Ginger. I had so much fun participating in this swap. It was fun to make a new friend in Ginger and to receive all the loveliness that she sent to me. I will post about that in the future!


stephanie said...

So very pretty....I gotta hop over to Ginger's blog and meet her...I could just make mussie tussies all day, couldn't you? It was fun...

Ginger said...

I am just loving my treasures sooo much, I have the tussie hanging by my fireplace and the other jewel on the other side. The peat pot is on my hearth. I posted the things I made you today. Are we suppose to post our swap boxes May 1?


Cherie Wilson said...

So sweet Hope! Thanks for sharing. You are so creative and I love to see what you put together. Love you!