Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Scream....You Scream.....We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It is funny to me that I decided to post about ice cream when just three short days ago I swore off sugar. I am still feeling the slight headache that just days ago wasn't so slight. But I couldn't resist posting about one of summer's sweetest treats.

I love the simplicity of a plain vanilla cone....going to our unique little ice cream stand in downtown Bloomington....The Chocolate Moose....where still can get a Torch Cone for a mere 37 cents.....a bargain in any one's pocket book. I love the elegance of the Watermelon Granita pictured above.....courtesy of my favorite Country Living Magazine.

And who doesn't love the cool delectable Popsicle. I couldn't resist these special treats made in old vintage jello molds. These Orange-Banana Smoothie Pops featured in Country Living make me squeal with excitement!

And although I have never to my knowledge eaten a Huckleberry....I am sure purple ice cream would be dreamy. This Huckleberry Ice cream looks so cool and creamy....perfect for a hot summer night shared on the porch watching the firefly's & shooting stars. While I have vowed off sugar....I just might on the perfect summer night....share one of these delectables with loved ones. After all isn't that is what summer is for!

.....and just the little blue napkin that this sweet sits upon is enough to make me swoon the name is even more exquisite...Rosemary-Cranberry Sorbet. I can just envision this delight after a wonderful meal...cleansing my palette. While I still am the kind of girl that longs for the 37 cent Torch Cone....a nice ending to a meal is always a joy. I hope you have enjoyed drooling over these delicious ice cream treats....know that for now I will view this post to enjoy them. Thanks Country Living for these luscious photographs!


Sue said...

OK - now I'm hungry!! Funny that I just learned my daughter and hubby bought ice cream a few days ago - I had NO idea we had such a yummy treat in our freezer. I am off to have some now, thanks to reading your delicious post!



A Fanciful Life said...

Hi Hope,
I love Country Living magazine too. All those photos of ice cream are just delectable. I don't eat much ice cream (I really like sorbet but it does have too much sugar in it!) but I bought some yesterday to top my berry pie. Thanks for your comment on my blog last week. Yes, I did read about your trip to Poland some time ago. Not too many people share my interest but I find it so interesting. It also creates a lot of emotion even though I did not live through that era. I'd love to see the video the kids are creating. How wonderful the class could take such a trip.
Have a great week,
Sharon :-)

stephanie said...

Pretty pics, especially the one with the polka dots!!!