Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Petite Inspiration Box....Oui! Oui!

I missed out on Heather's last petite inspiration box swap....and I was ever so sad. So I jumped at the chance to join this time. The next rainy day I have....I am creating for pleasure! I usually create something everyday....but it isn't always for pleasure....although any creating is pleasureable to me. Sometimes it is stuff that just has to get special orders and things.

I have been so busy getting the mundane accomplished lately. Today is my kids official first day of summer. A little sleeping in and then we hit the garden....or should I say flower beds for a morning of weeding and cleaning out the beds. Although it wasn't the most fun I have ever was nice. Spending time with Lindsey in the cool morning working and talking along the way. Sometimes the mundane is just what you need.

I actually got all my spring decorations put away....and got out the summer decor'. I even got it accomplished before Memorial Day. So....we will spend the summer months donned in Red....White....& Blue. I love that. It was a mundane task....but sometimes the mundane is just what you need.

Sometimes I have a real hard time doing it all. Juggling the creative desire in me....keeping the house tidy & clean....doing the just being well....a wife & mother. I have been trying to do it all lately & by the grace of is happening. The mundane is turning into relevant & important....and sometimes THAT is just what you need. May you always feel that your life is more relevant & important than mundane.....may you accomplish all that you want to today. Blessings to you.


Whosyergurl said...

OH, how I hear you! How do you find the balance? To keep the house clean, the dog walked, the laundry done up, the legs shaved? It is a constant high-wire act around here! Good for you!
xo, Cheryl

Sue said...

Hi sweetie,

What a lovely and peaceful start to your summer. School finishes for me next week, which will free up some time for projects and fun - so - I just signed up for the Paris Inspiration Box swap - I just couldn't say no to that one!


Anonymous said...

You are one busy woman Hope! Your home must be just charming with all it's new summer decorations out. When I had garden, weeding and straightening up was such a pleasure. You can think about things in peace and quiet. Next time you are weeding, call me. I'll be right over!
Am checking out the swap to see what it's all about. Your pics were so sweet.

Cherie Wilson said...

Heather's a sweetie.....lots of fun you will have! I love what you said and have been pondering the joy in daily stuff, myself. That beauty in the small stuff that is truely what life is all about.....that artful living, inspired and inspiring all in the details! Every thing from laundry to my attitude, and yes, like Cheryl said even Shaved legs~ haha! Thankyou for the reminder my friend! Enjoy your weekend coming up. Love your red white and driving by your house and barn!