Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something Old....Something New

I had so much fun participating in Linda's (A Swap For All Season's) summer swap. I though it was just dreamy doing a swap about weddings since most of us have summer anniversaries. Here is the loot that I sent.

I have a tendency to really get into collecting for swaps. They are so much fun for me to participate in. My swap partner was nice enough to send me these photos. I got so into the swap and wrapping it up all pretty....that yes....I forgot to photograph. I hate that part.

Look at this neat book that I found. The bride was born in 1888. She was married in 1908 and her friends and family made the happy couple....Carrie & Bert....a neat little booklet to commemorate their marriage with helpful tips and loving advice. There are even hand drawn pictures to add to the nostalgia. It was quaint & special.....and I bet the bridal couple had no idea their special book would end up in Wedding Swap 102 years later.

Jan DeBellis was my swap partner. We really hit it off and have been emailing like crazy. I thought it fitting to send my 'borrowed' items in an old mini muffin tin......after all every new bride needs an old muffin tin. This one was yummy and patina-ed so wonderfully. I put really fun items in it for Jan to create her magic with. Of course I had to add a few Frozen Charlotte's....I can't remember when I haven't added those to one of my swaps. I hope you enjoyed seeing the treasures that I sent to Jan....and if you haven't signed up somewhere for a summer swap....I highly recommend is really fun to connect and create for a new friend. Blessings for a wonderful, creative, & productively filled day!


Whosyergurl said...


Katsui Jewelry said...

What a bunch of wonderful loot! You can be my swap partner any day! I participated in this swap, too, and just loved it. I thought (a little vainly) that I had "spoiled" my parter a bit. Boy, did she turn the tables on me! I got three strands of turquoise, traded by her grandfather with tribes in Mexico and New Mexico. She said they had "enough to share." I am still completely blown away!
Now to run to JoAnn's for supplies for the Petite Inspiration Swap...oh, such a hard!!!

Cherie Wilson said...

Now look at YOU~ all inspiring me Hope! I love how we can all look to one aonther and get bites, small and large of just what our artful souls need. I love to hear of your swapping adventures! Beautiful post!

Maija said...

Awesome swap stuff!!!!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Love your Blog!!! Lots of great photos of Vintage and fun things! :)