Monday, October 4, 2010

Black & White Petite Inspiration Box

I had so much fun participating in Heather's (Speckled Egg) Black & White Petite Inspiration Box Swap. Here is a little peek at mine all wrapped up and ready to be sent off. I really like to wrap them all up pretty. The girls should have received mine by now.

I know it isn't exactly white......but I think white is various shades of white to tan. I love an aged affect. Isn't that black rhinestone ring neat. You would have seen this if you saw my post on my craft room make-over. They are really like vintage tortoise with rhinestones in them. I got them off an old vintage sweater. I thought they were the perfect wrapping accoutrement. Anything is special when it is packaged with tulle....don't you think? And sheet music....well you can never go wrong with that.

It was fun to keep the girls guessing what was packaged inside. You just had to keep on taking the layers off. I don't know if I could have opened it. I would have just marveled at the beauty....ok....I am gushing about selfish is that? I will let you know who my partners are when I receive their boxes.....I can't wait. I will post those later. I am sure I won't do them justice.

And here they little Frozen Charlotte black & white match boxes. I sure do love to participate in these swaps. It is fun and manageable to decorate these large kitchen match boxes.....and it isn't overwhelming to fill them up with items the girls would love to use in their future creating endeavors. So I hope you like my boxes because I had a ball making them. Blessings for a creatively productive day.


Tina @ TinyBear said...

Beautiful boxes. Love those Frozen Charlottes on the top.
xo Tina

Suz said...

I love them, Hope, and I adore the Frozen Charlottes with a soldered charm (?)

Clever you!


Anonymous said...

Oh Heather - as i mentioned before, these are wonderful. And the photos don't do your beautiful work justice. i am blessed to be the lucky recipient of one of your creations.

Sherrie said...

Your frozen Charlotte boxes are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your pics!