Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Little Piece of my Heaven

All though I can't say that my week was particularly stressful.....because I try to not allow stress into my definitely was trying. As we head into the month before Silver Bella everyone is scampering around to finish up last minute mailing deadlines.....prepare for vendor night.....and the numerous shows many of us participate in during the holiday can appear stressful. So I like to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the surroundings around me. Jeff & I are huge yard people. Now let me for warn you....we have many areas of ugliness.....but many of them beautiful. It is a work in progress. I just adore my many varieties of sedum. About 2 years ago I planted my barrels with a sedum I fell in love with because of it's drape. I love the way it hangs down. It comes back every year and I just plant something behind it. This year I did an annual grass. Last year I did a pale pink geranium. Look at it next to the lambs ear....don't the colors just make you giddy?

We have been working on this waterfall for about 2 years. Jeff created it & has this vision. Right now it doesn't even work & that is fine by me. Do you know how much water flow a 15 foot water fall creates? I can't even enjoy my Koi because they don't appear to like the water fall. They never come up when it is on. So I am happy it isn't working properly right now. I must say it is pretty and serene when it is on. They say every garden should have a water feature.

Here you can see a few Lily pads. I love them. I have cream flowers and fuscia flowers. I usually get about 2 or 3 blooms a day. I know nothing about Lily pads....but they are working out beautifully. They also provide shade for the Koi and I think that is really neat.

There you can see my large gold fish. I love her. She is so graceful. She really is like a pet to us. We talk to our fish and they come up when we approach. Jeff says they only want to be fed.....but I think he is wrong.

I love my little bit of heaven. It is peaceful.....serene.....and a joy just to go out and sit for awhile and read a book. We are out here a lot. I hope you have enjoyed my little garden area. Come for a visit and we can catch up or just leisurely read a book in peace. Blessings for an artfully creative & relaxing day.


Suz said...

Oh, I have things to do before Silver Bella. I am starting to get a little nervous. Nothing I am doing is just "routine." Just a bit of a stretch all the way around.

Hope, you have areas of great beauty in your yard. I have always been fascinated with koi. My grandfather had them when we were growing up and I think they are so beautiful. I think they are smart and like to be talked to! I'm with you on that one. A work in progress is fun!

Won't be long and I will see you!


Cherie Wilson said...

Mmmmmmmmmm beauty in all creation. I'll be right over!

Piney Rose said...

What a peaceful setting!