Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Whimsy

Here is a look at some Halloween Whimsy I have created. The photo really doesn't do it justice, but they are vintage checker pieces that have Halloween Silhouettes on them. Then I soldered around the edges so I could attach the jewelry hanger. I then added soldered pieces around the edges in black and silver polka dot 'bumps'. I really like the affect.

This vintage tray was a gift from Lisa last year. It is always up but I just change up the wording to fit my mood.....because it is a chalk board. Lisa has a shop called Lola Rue located here in Bloomington. If you are ever in town definitely check it out.....heck make a special trip over because it is that cute.

Here is a little Halloween vignette in my kitchen. This is where I do most of my decorating. Hey we are in this room the most of any. These are Poliwogs. I bought these about 1o years ago before his whole line was mass produced in Hong Kong. I hate it when this happens. These aren't originals....but I do have some of his signed pieces. They go great with my yellow ware don't you think????

Here are some more Poliwogs. I just adore them.

And this large pumpkin is my favorite one of all. Perched up top is a little witch. I just love my little Halloween vignettes. They bring me great joy. I hope you have enjoyed a little of my Halloween Whimsy. Blessings for an artfully creative day.


Suz said...

Hello, my friend,

I do love those Pollywogs. They are awfully cute. You know, I never had anything Halloween until last year. I just thought it was all so creepy so I started with the cute an, luckily, got a partner who liked cute for Kari's swap.

Hope, Miss Novice Solderer here things that your antique checker pieces are soooo clever. I am just gobsmacked!

I am sitting here, wrapping ribbon around Koolaid dyed antique clothespins for some Little Sister gifts. I inherited my Little Sis's sister, which is fine with my. Love doing these little surprises!!!

It won't be long!!!


Heather said...

Those are great!! Makes sense to me to have most of the decorations in the kitchen...that is where everyone is the most! See you soon!!

Lillie Bowen aka Margot Diersen said...

Hope ~ you have created the warmest and most inviting home because of your amazing creativity!!! Thank you for sharing with us! xo