Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Nest Banner From Birdsong

Sometimes when I go to an art retreat......the last class
I want to bow out on. Maybe I am tired.....maybe
I am just ready to go home. I almost bowed
out on this one. When you are being
instructed by the ever talented Karla Nathan of
Karla's wouldn't want to
bow out. I had a blast creating this 'Nest' banner.
The 'N' is my favorite piece of the banner.
The vintage wallpaper is so yummy. Karla gave us the little
turquoise egg and taught us how to build up the moss
to make the little nest. Of course when you are with
THE Karla Nathan glitter isn't an option.

Just look at this vintage wallpaper.....Karla must
have learned her sharing technique from
Sugar Wings.....her granddaughter. She passed out these
cute little felted bird nests and I added the mica. Love it! This is
my 'E' piece but the 'E' is turned around.....sorry!

I love the 'S' piece. I hope to make many more banners
in the future. It was really restful and I enjoyed
it immensely. I want to make a L-I-N-D-S-E-Y banner
for Lindsey's graduation party. It is the last item on
my I hope to complete that!

Here is my 'T' piece for the banner. I wasn't to keen on
using yellow.....but I loved how it turned out. I guess
a little glitter added with some vintage wallpaper
and old book paper.....what could be bad about that? So.....
really what I guess I am saying....experiment with
different colors because they might just surprise you. I guess
that is what an art retreat is broaden your
creativity. I was blessed to achieve that at Birdsong.


LuLu Kellogg said...

What a beautiful project!

July is getting closer and I can't wait to see you!


Whosyergurl said...

Love the paper and the ribbons!
Whenever I walk past your property I say "HI HOPE!" :-)
xo, Cheryl

Sharon Morrison said...

Hope it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing...

Kim Hanauer said...

I love it! You can make anything beautiful! You just have that touch.
See you soon, sweet Hope!!

Suz said...

Beautiful job, Hope. Lots of creative idease there!!! I was going to make "Katie" for graduation...still haven't gotten it done! Love seeing all the Birdsong crafts.
Big hugs,